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security1Security companies have been issuing tips on how to keep your information and devices safe from malware and cyber-attacks. But according to experts, updating your security software is still the best way to prepare from any breach, malicious attacks, and information theft.  It is also important to use strong and complicated passwords and update them as frequently as possible. People can make use of password managers for strong suggested passwords.

For anti-virus and software, it is very necessary to update them – whether you use a PC or mobile device. This will keep your information safe and guard your device from any breach and possible cyber-attacks.

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Computer-MouseComic-Con 2015 in San Diego issued tips on how to battle against cybercriminals. These tips help internet users to safeguard their devices and information from malicious malware attacks. The first tip is to ensure that you use secured Wi-Fi spots. Refrain from using public Wi-Fi, or avoid sharing confidential information using these connections. It is also important to turn off Bluetooth and NFC connection as you can accidentally share and send information using those ports. People must refrain from using public charging stations, or might as well use personal USB chord. For lost devices, report them immediately to delete all necessary information. Lastly, update malware and security software for protection.

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Tips To Stay Cyber Safe

Screen-exclamationThe National Cyber Security Alliance issued some tips to help people stay safe in using the internet. This issuance is prompted after revealing that 84% of the Americans need to safeguard their personal information. People must stop sharing confidential information such as bank accounts and passwords. It is also important to change passwords as frequent as possible and to update security software to avoid breach. They must think before sharing information and consider how doing such will affect their safety. They should also demand to be protected from their providers. And lastly, education is the best way to protect themselves from any cyber-attack in the future.

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globe2UFCU shared some of its security tips for parents to keep their children safe from malicious malware, viruses and keep them from sharing confidential information when using the internet.

Among these tips include talking to children the uses and limitation of the internet as early as possible. It is also important to maintain an open communication with kids about their concerns including what is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to using the internet. And lastly, do not share confidential information such as messages, photos, banking information unless you are 100% sure that the network you use is safe and secured.

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Computer-WarningA cyber security breach which recently occurred at the Office of Personnel Management has put the personal data of more or less 18,000,000  federal employees of US. Earlier this year, the state declared a stronger sanction on cyber policy against foreign hackers and in addition, published guidelines regarding cyber deterrence. On another hand, Europe’s cyber security measures are not as mature as the United States’. Without serious corrective actions, this would endanger Europe into becoming a hotspot for cyber crime, debilitating attacks, and espionage. To avoid this catastrophe, Europe should be more active in bringing cyber security issues into political discussions. Read more about this on

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Computer-ErrorOn July 6 this year, the Asian country unveiled a new cyber security draft law which was claimed to protect the people’s interests. However, the law have raised fears that it will only serve as a tool for the government to tighten controls on society and craft unreasonable demands on international companies. Sophie Richardson, the China director of Human Rights Watch, stated that one aspect of the law that poses a threat to human rights is the increased online surveillance. If the law is adapted, it will most likely stifle online freedom of speech  and therefore, weaken the people’s only means of seeking accountability and transparency.

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computer2During the 7th edition of DSCI (Data Security Council of India) meet, decision makers, security managers, and security architects have brainstormed regarding issues on technology and cyber security.  The focus of the best practices meet revolves around cyber insurance, legal risks management, and national and cyber security. The participants discussed about policy matters, industry steps, global practices, industry standards, and many others. Nandkumar Saravade, CEO of DSCI, stated that the industry is currently experiencing the adoption of latest technology solutions. He added that cyber security is a crucial tool in the process of designing the security of various business models.

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Screen-exclamationThreats on cyber security are evolving rapidly in this age and time, and many companies are falling behind in employing proper security measures. Last year, the Industrial control systems had been targeted by the malware called BlackEnergy and it is sad to say that the creation of patches to the systems were slow. Another prime target of cyber security threats is the healthcare industry. Airplanes are also prone to hacking. Just recently, Chris Roberts made the news when he hacked an aircraft’s systems and made it fly sideways. In light of these events, companies should thoroughly consider the risks involved with connectivity and regularly test their systems.

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globe2Due to the ever-increasing threats on cyber security, the German Government has recently passed a legislation that requires more than 2000 service providers to implement new standards on information security. Failure to comply with this law within the time frame of 2 years would lead to penalties of up to $111,000. This law is going to affect various institutions in different industries including transportation, water utilities, health, finance firms, and telecommunications. According to the Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, these planned cyber security measures are considered as an important step for Germany. Go to to read the entire article.

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globe2The Morning Report interviews a representative from US Cellular, Melody Pierce. Pierce stated that in a recent survey conducted by US Cellular, nearly 47 per cent of parents allowed their children to have mobile phones. It was also revealed that the average age of children that use mobile phones is twelve years old. Majority of parents have established mobile phone rules and more than 33% monitor their children’s mobile phone usage. After considering these findings, US Cellular has suggested a few helpful tips for kids. The most notable among all the tips suggested is the use of “Parent-Child Agreement” which can be downloaded from

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