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Screen-exclamationNational Cyber Security Alliance hosted the Two Steps Ahead seminar held at the Washington Pavilion. The event aims to educate and protect businesses about the cyber attacks that target businesses all over the country. Keynote speaker Sen. John Thune of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee spoke to business owners about each’ role in fighting cyber crime.

He emphasized the importance of two-step authentication in securing one’s account information. Cyber experts also suggests to change passwords frequently and to use complicated words and complex characters. They also discourage the crowd from opening links from non-trusted sources that may include suspicious links.

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globe2A report about 32 million users of Ashley Madison hacked roamed in newsrooms earlier this week. The hacked information contained vital information like names, addresses, passwords, and profile descriptions, together with users’ credit card data.

Etay Maor, fraud expert of IBM, disclosed the ‘dark side’ of the net wherein online users tend to give their pertinent information on the dark side, which is used by cyber criminals. Then, Tor, a cyber intelligence program was introduced. Tor, a specialized network, works with layers of encryptions that allow users to hide their identities. There are approximately 2.5 million users of Tor daily.

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UK Cyber Security Report says that small businesses are frequent victims of cybercrime and that there are actually simple ways to fight it. Among these steps include educating the team and making them aware of the possible security breaches that they may encounter Collective effort from all business units is necessary to fight cybercrime. It is also suggested to always keep a data back up in case of information theft. It is also important that members of the organization know the potential wreck that USB ticks can bring. Lastly, invest on updated software and anti-virus to keep devices and information safe.

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security1FBI consultant and fraud exert Frank Abagnale said that phishing and cybercriminals are abundant in South Africa today, losing the country billions of dollars a year. Michelle Beetar, MD of Experian South Africa, who confirmed that the country lost R1 billion, backed up Abagnale’s statement.

Frank Abagnale’s biography was featured in the film Catch Me If You Can wherein he deceived the American government and stole millions of dollars by impersonating several identities and forging cheques at the age of 19. He was imprisoned and then taken out to help the bureau in catching other fraud criminals. Abagnale said that with the technology today, it is much easier to copy and steal one’s identity.  He encouraged everyone to protect themselves and avoid disclosing personal information online.

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globe2China’s ‘cleaning the internet’ operation led to the arrest of15, 000 suspects who are allegedly involved in several internet crimes such as network attacks, website infringement, and online frauds, according to the Ministry of Public Security.   The program has investigated more than 7400 cybercrime cases and 66,000 websites since July, which involved numerous website hacking. Among other cases include SMS hacking and spreading virus over text messages and Wi-Fi zones, which are very similar to some of the previous year’s cases. Chinese cyber authorities have ceased 758,000 of illegal information and have inspected more than 70,000 cases of cybercrime in 2015.

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Computer-MouseIn his talk about AppSec, Director of Technical Operations at Bugcrowd, Jason Haddix, revealed the tips and tricks on web and mobile hacking and how to improve previous processes through Bug Hunter’s Methodology.

The Bug Hunter’s Methodology is the combination of codes, knowledge, tips, tricks and tools from various application testers. Since this is a combination of all hacking tricks, it cannot be detected by any automated scanner. Haddix also enumerated the technical features of AppSec and how it works. He further set examples of bugs, application susceptibilities and who designed those.

Haddix’s speech opened several opportunities for both mobile and web applications.

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Companies often update their OS for better purposes like growth and stability. On the other hand, OS migration is not an overnight thing to do. The company should plan and foresee the impact of an OS migration – both in a short and long term perspective. When planning for an OS migration, the company should first analyze if it is capable of executing this plan. Is it hardware and software ready? It is also important to have a backup plan in case that the migration fails. Before performing a company-wide migration, it is recommended to have it tested on a certain business unit or department first. And lastly, it is best to hire an IT to perform the migration if the company is not well-equipped to execute the migration.

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Computer-ErrorThere has always been misinterpretation about online security especially when it is viewed on experts and non-experts’ perspective. Among the security measures that you must observe at all times, that you might overlook is the use of two-way authentication to avoid people from resetting your passwords without your knowledge.  Do not use similar passwords for several accounts. If you run out of words to use, you can use a password manager to create a password for you. For more security purposes, you must install patches and updated antivirus software. Lastly, make sure that the sites you visit are safe by looking at the HTTPS on the URL tab.

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globe2An online security officer from UFCU, Tony Rosas, provided tips for parents on how to deal with online security, especially when it concerns their children. According to him, it is better to let kids know what is online security and how it can help or ruin them. Parents must teach this to their kids through an open communication. Establishing values that children may consider even in using the internet is a good way to impose rules.

It is also important to listen to them and take their thoughts into consideration when talking about internet to establishing grounds. Most importantly, parents are expected to use strong and complicated passwords for safety at all times.

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Screen-exclamationWith online security as hot topic today, Google surveyed more than 200 security experts about their security practices and compared them to 300 non-experts practices – and here are the differences:

While non-experts are worried about more updates, security experts are updated about them and ensure that their software and anti-virus are updated all the time. Online experts follow antivirus procedure but do not depend on them all the time. On the other hand, non-experts merely rely on anti-virus alone. Experts utilize password manager for strong and complicated passwords and two-factor authentication to safeguard their accounts while non-experts fail to do the same.

Source: The Guardian