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Scams Tracking-Site Launched

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has launched its latest website, BBB Scam Tracker, where consumers and businesses identify and report suspicious scammers nearby. The website collects data and links them to law forces to put scammers down.

BBB also encourages online users to verify any request of personal information while discouraging them from opening suspicious links and unsolicited emails. The group also discourages users from falling into money wiring activities that promise impossible amount of money.

Users are advised to report any scam incident. If personal information is compromised, immediately consult your credit report for any unfamiliar transaction or contact the police and the Federal Trade Commission.

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Dumbarton and the Vale’s police department issued practical advices for its residents on how to avoid fraudsters and scammers like mystery sale offers, card skimming, and fraud callers.

To avoid fraud, residents are encouraged to avoid doorstep conmen who pressure people on buying overpriced items, the pretending workmen maintenance who can rob you at home, subscription traps like ‘free’ trials, and loopholes in computer products.

It also important to safeguard personal information, create strong passwords and use separate ones in different accounts. Make sure to check financial statements and report any suspicious transaction. Lastly, shred any personal or financial documents when disposing them.

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Screen-exclamationOnline scammers are out for an adventure targeting their victims. According to AARP Fraud Watch Network’s tips, these scammers use the following tactics:

First, they lure their targets with wealth and then establish connections by asking personal questions. Once they got how to trigger the victim’s emotions, they start to play with them by offering products or services that is claimed to be in limited offer. Online scammers try to build trust by stating that they are affiliated to famous personalities and organization – they even speak the same credentials. These individuals will try to gain access to your computer through malicious malware.

As a precaution, check the reputation and legal registration of any online business before any transaction.

Source: CPA Practice Advisor

Screen-exclamationAs part of the celebration of the cyber security month this October, Better Business Bureau (BBB) launched STOP.THINK.CONNECT, a campaign with the objective of educating online users about the importance of staying safe from cyber criminals today. The campaign involves advices for users in protecting their online accounts by not disclosing sensitive information online, safeguarding passwords, using secured and clean network connections and limiting shared information over social media.

The STOP.THINK.CONNECT program aims to help online users from falling into deep hole of scams, fraud and theft over the internet – crimes that cybercriminals are getting very good at these days.

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Screen-exclamationLocal municipalities have also been affected by the bolder acts of hackers nowadays. These hackers have threatened numerous local offices and the municipality takes the toll in it. This is why locals have designed their own security measures to stay away and safe from those cyber criminals – measures that people can also use for themselves.

First, people must take an inventory and network assessments – look in every way that the hackers might access information. Strengthening firewall is very important. It is also necessary to educate everyone in the team not to click on any untrusted link sent in their emails.

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Computer-WarningSecuring your business’ WordPress is a huge part in your marketing; especially nowadays that online hacking becomes more challenging. You can protect your WordPress site by hiring the best personnel to do the security administration job. Employ WordPress experts with experience, skills, and techniques for this job. However, do not let the administrator do everything for you. You should also do some cleaning yourself such as updating and deleting outdated plugins.

Nothing beats security but with a secured machine. This is why you have to make sure that you have you computer locked out for any possible intruder that might sneak in your website. Lastly, safeguard you passwords.

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globe2Online money scam has become more sophisticated overtime – especially in the digital age nowadays. Home settlement, a huge family investment is now being used as the latest online money scam bycyber thieves.This works by a cybercriminal sending an email to the person doing a home settlement with different set of instructions, directing the client to wire the money to a separate account. And before the client knows it, he has wired a ton of money to a thief’s account.

Every client can avoid to be victimized by this fraud by not sending delicate information such as financials over the email and verifying everything before wiring any money to any account. Always clean up your email for any pattern that can hook a hacker. Change your password regularly and install an updated anti-virus. Lastly, report any case.

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mail2Romance scams are among the widest scams even in the earlier times. In digital world, romance scams have become more creative through online dating. You can identify romance scams when someone gives you a fake name, when they immediately communicate with their personal email and not in the dating website. These people declare their love so fast without even sending their real photos. They don’t usually come and visit and instead ask for money.

Avoid romance scams by not providing all your personal details. You can also do the verification yourself or ask some of your friends. If it is a fictional character, immediately drop off the dating.

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