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Exercising Parental Controls

If you have kids around the house who are also internet savvy and are quite familiar with the ins and out of the internet, you may be one of the parents in the nation today who wish to have parental controls enabled on their...

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Your Child and Online Security

While many of us are reluctant to see our children step beyond the garden gate on their own, and would think twice about letting them walk to school or to a friend’s, we are far more relaxed about the internet. According to the...

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Kids Next Scam Target Through Games

A number of educational online games for pre-schoolers has been found having malicious trojans in them. Catalin Cosoi, head of online-threats lab for BitDefender, spotted more than a half-dozen infected children’s games on...

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Online Threats to Children

A study conducted in 1999 says that around one of every four minors (15 years old and older) had unintentional exposure to explicit images on the net*. At around 2003, a 90% increase was seen in kids aged 8-16 who had viewed pornography sites**…

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