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Screen-exclamationOnline scammers are out for an adventure targeting their victims. According to AARP Fraud Watch Network’s tips, these scammers use the following tactics:

First, they lure their targets with wealth and then establish connections by asking personal questions. Once they got how to trigger the victim’s emotions, they start to play with them by offering products or services that is claimed to be in limited offer. Online scammers try to build trust by stating that they are affiliated to famous personalities and organization – they even speak the same credentials. These individuals will try to gain access to your computer through malicious malware.

As a precaution, check the reputation and legal registration of any online business before any transaction.

Source: CPA Practice Advisor

computer2Adallom, a California-based cloud cybersecurity company was acquired by Microsoft, as confirmed by the later. The acquisition is expected to address the growing number of cybercrime nowadays. Adallom started in 2012 by the Israeli Intelligence Corps. It’s headquartered in Palo Alto with regional office in Israel

According to news analysis, this is one of the largest purchases of Microsoft, although the two companies did not disclose the real value of the acquisition.Adallom’sis Microsoft’s latest cloud acquisitionafter Azure, its previous cloud platform. Compared to Azure, Adallom does not only work with cloud products but also with GoogleApps and business apps such as Salesforce

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Screen-exclamationChina’s recently identified and proclaimed Network Security Law may not be business-friendly to other countries that it does business with, especially the U.S. This is also one of the consequences of the American government’s plan to issue sanction to the Chinese government regarding the incident of data hack in June that happened to expose huge number of US government workers.

Network Security Law creates a national standard for security, which according to majority might cross the line between national security and limiting the promotion of Chinese products in the international market. It is also seen to limit the people’s freedom for speech. Final decision is anticipated to come soon

Source: Washington Examiner

CybersecurityIsrael is ranked second next to the US when it comes to cybersecurity industry. The country’s population is gaining knowledge and experience in terms of cybersecurity than any other nations in the world, reports say. According Delta Business Media,a London-based publication, Israel has exported approximately $6 billion in cyber-related products and services in 2014. This figure is expected to rise today as it is said to continuously grow by 8/year.

As of today, there are more than 200 cybersecurity companies in the country whose primary market is the US.This development shows that the country is technological competitive when it comes to cybersecurity and the services it entails.

Source: CSO Online

Screen-globeEveryone, even for huge and powerful countries to make it happen overnight. In the U.S., states are It seems like cybersecurity should not be taken for granted and there is no definite short cut for still struggling about the new cyber threat that roams between private and public sector. Meanwhile, China is being held responsible for a major digital theft in the U.S. that exposed millions of worker’s information. The issue is seen to taint the relationship between two powerhouse countries.

After these two major events in cybersecurity, federal, state government, and private sectors’stand in fighting against cybercrime are under evaluation.

Source: The Hill

Protecting your business against online hacker is your main goal. To achieve this goal, you need to choose between hiring a third-party security provider and to do it on your own. If you prefer a DIY, you need to consider the following points.

You need to consider your experience and expertise. Do not risk it unless you know how to handle it personally or you have an IT staff who can do it. Third-party providers have the experience, skills, and tools to execute. Lastly, online security requires intense planning and maintenance and it won’t work if you are not committed to it.

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mail2Cyber security is such a common phrase nowadays. The fact that major cases of corporate data attacks is frequently happening all over the world, it is important that you let yourself be familiar with online risks. However, the nation’s freight sector is still exposed to cyber criminals due to the wealth and the victims from whom they can steal money. Warehouses, 3Pl’s and carriers all hurry up and tries hard to keep up with today’s technology curve, most of them overlooked simple security measures.

The reason behind is most of them are utilizing several systems with susceptible gaps, leading to miss areas of opportunities to increase their online protection. During an interview by Fleet Owner, the Vice President of Information Security for the Descartes Systems Group, Mr. Matt Foroughi said that it is essential that they stay up to date with essential security measures. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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Screen-exclamationChesttertown – a news release was sent out by the Independent Bankers of America and Chesapeake Bank & Trust Co. to remind consumers of the need to ensure the safety of their personal and sensitive information. Based from the same press release, since October is the Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is more likely that cyber criminals would keep on threatening and stealing personal information of U.S. residents.

The release also states that most Americans today live in a mobile security that they rely on Smartphones, computers and tablets. They make purchases, gather news, talk with family and friends and the most appealing of all, connecting with financial institutions. This would normally result in financial losses and risk to the consumers safety due to identity theft. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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globe2China’s ‘cleaning the internet’ operation led to the arrest of15, 000 suspects who are allegedly involved in several internet crimes such as network attacks, website infringement, and online frauds, according to the Ministry of Public Security.   The program has investigated more than 7400 cybercrime cases and 66,000 websites since July, which involved numerous website hacking. Among other cases include SMS hacking and spreading virus over text messages and Wi-Fi zones, which are very similar to some of the previous year’s cases. Chinese cyber authorities have ceased 758,000 of illegal information and have inspected more than 70,000 cases of cybercrime in 2015.

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security1Digital Constitution, a Microsoft site dedicated to improving online privacy, was hacked recently. The site was reportedly running an outdated version of the app WordPress when the compromise was discovered. According to statements by ZDNet, the attack involved malicious links that promotes online casinos. No clear indication was made on how long the site has been infected. The links were removed subsequent to their discovery but some pages still contained spammy links to gambling sites. Microsoft’s PR firm declined to comment about the issue but said that the problem has been “fixed”. To know the full story, visit ars technica.

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