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mail2Cyber security is such a common phrase nowadays. The fact that major cases of corporate data attacks is frequently happening all over the world, it is important that you let yourself be familiar with online risks. However, the nation’s freight sector is still exposed to cyber criminals due to the wealth and the victims from whom they can steal money. Warehouses, 3Pl’s and carriers all hurry up and tries hard to keep up with today’s technology curve, most of them overlooked simple security measures.

The reason behind is most of them are utilizing several systems with susceptible gaps, leading to miss areas of opportunities to increase their online protection. During an interview by Fleet Owner, the Vice President of Information Security for the Descartes Systems Group, Mr. Matt Foroughi said that it is essential that they stay up to date with essential security measures. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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Screen-exclamationChesttertown – a news release was sent out by the Independent Bankers of America and Chesapeake Bank & Trust Co. to remind consumers of the need to ensure the safety of their personal and sensitive information. Based from the same press release, since October is the Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is more likely that cyber criminals would keep on threatening and stealing personal information of U.S. residents.

The release also states that most Americans today live in a mobile security that they rely on Smartphones, computers and tablets. They make purchases, gather news, talk with family and friends and the most appealing of all, connecting with financial institutions. This would normally result in financial losses and risk to the consumers safety due to identity theft. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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Computer-WarningSecure your expensive Mac Pro on your workstation with the latest Apple’s new Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter. This security device is now available in Apple online store for only $49. Launched by the California’s technology authority Cupertino, Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter allows Mac Pro users to utilize third-party locks or the standard Kensington Security Slot locks. Unlike the previous adapters that didn’t have built in security slots, the newest Security Lock Adapter features a more developed and restructured chassis and internals to secure the attached Mac Pro housing. These features allow Mac Pro users to enjoy the Mac experience even more. Read more from the source.

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MAC OS Security Risks

computer2Recently, Apple has increased the MAC OS X security capabilities. According to IDG News Service, experts said that Apple has made all efforts to keep security tight on their end, but the truth is that, one reason it happened was nobody ever did try to exploit it. Since more initiatives deployed MAC computers, the state of the OS X’s security is going to be a sure topic on IT tactic meetings. Today, more businesses are likely to keep on using MACs in their workplace. In addition, iPhones and iPads are highly accepted in the IT industry. For more information regarding this post, go to the official CSO site.

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More KitM Spyware for Mac OS X

Computer-WarningSecurity researchers have identified multiple samples of the recently discovered “KitM” spyware for Mac OS X, including one dating back to December 2012 and targeting German-speaking users.

KitM (Kumar in the Mac), also known as HackBack, is a backdoor-type program that takes unauthorized screen shots and uploads them to a remote C&C (command-and-control) server. It also opens a reverse shell that allows attackers to execute commands on the infected computers.

The malware was initially discovered last week on the Mac laptop of an Angolan activist at the Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights conference in Norway, by security researcher and privacy activist Jacob Appelbaum.

The most interesting aspect of KitM is that it was signed with a valid Apple Developer ID, a code-signing certificate, issued by Apple to someone named “Rajinder Kumar.” Applications signed with a valid Apple Developer ID bypass the Gatekeeper security feature in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which verifies the origin of files to determine whether they pose any risks to the system.

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Apple and Amazon are changing their security policies after hackers broke into a journalist’s personal accounts. The change comes following a hack into Wired reporter Mat Honan’s iCloud account, in which perpetrators wiped his iPad, Mac and iPhone.

Apple users can no longer reset their Apple IDs over the phone. Previously, Apple ID passwords could be swapped in exchange for the email address, billing address and the last four digits of the credit card associated with the account.

The hackers obtained the last four digits of Honan’s credit card number by breaking into his account on Amazon, which is now also tightening its security features.

Amazon had required even less than Apple to change a password — only a user’s name, email address and mailing address. The hackers found the final digits of Honan’s credit card once they reset his Amazon password.

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Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab security researcher, has discovered another Mac OS X Trojan. Dubbed Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a (or just SabPub, for short), the malware uses Java exploits to infect a Mac, connect to a remote Web site, and wait for instructions that include taking screenshots of the user’s Mac and executing commands.

“The Java exploits appear to be pretty standard, however, (and) they have been obfuscated using ZelixKlassMaster, a flexible and quite powerful Java obfuscator,” Raiu wrote on the Securelist blog. “This was obviously done in order to avoid detection from anti-malware products.”

Raiu’s discovery comes as Mac users are on high alert over the Flashback Trojan, which reportedly infected over 600,000 Macs worldwide.

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How to Keep Your Mac Safe

The Flashback Trojan went viral last week, infecting an estimated 1 percent of OS X computers worldwide. While the infection rate has subsided since then, it doesn’t mean that there’s cause for panic, either. Here are some common sense, effective tips for safeguarding your Mac against more malware.

  • Get a security suite – While the Windows suites have gotten significantly better, their Mac counterparts have never taken such a harsh collective toll on their host machines. We recommend BitDefender for Mac.
  • Lockdown Admin privileges – Create a non-Admin account for daily use such as e-mail, browsing, and music and video watching. Jump over to Admin when its necessary.
  • Stay on top of software updates – Make sure that you let Software Update do its job. Programs are rarely updated on a whim, so make sure that you’ve got the latest versions because they may contain security fixes.
  • Ditch Adobe Reader if you can –  If you must keep it around, make sure that it’s always updated to the latest version.
  • Get rid of Java and Flash, too – Again, this may not apply to you, especially if you run a program like Adobe’s Creative Suite which (I’m fairly certain) relies on Java for some tasks.
  • Take control of your passwords –  As often as possible, use “strong” passwords. This means random multi-word passwords, separated by spaces.

Hope these tips will help you stay ahead of the bad guys.

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More than a half-million Macintosh computers may have been infected with a virus targeting Apple machines, a warning from the computer security industry.

Flashback Trojan malware tailored to slip past “Mac” defenses is a variation on viruses typically aimed at personal computers (PCs) powered by Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

The infections, spotted “in the wild” by Finland-based computer security firm F-Secure and then quantified by Russian anti-virus program vendor Dr. Web, come as hackers increasingly take aim at Apple computers.

“All the stuff the bad guys have learned for doing attacks in the PC world is now starting to transition to the Mac world,” McAfee Labs director of threat intelligence Dave Marcus told AFP.

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A string of booby-trapped Microsoft Office files that plant malware in Apple Macs via rarely abused vulnerabilities have been detected in the wild.

The malicious documents were uncovered in a run of spam messages sent by pro-Chinese hackers to Tibetan activists, security tools biz AlienVault reports. It said the assault was much more sophisticated than the previous malware-based attacks against pro-Tibet sympathisers that it has tracked over recent weeks.

The vector used by the so-called MacControl Trojan in the latest phase of the attack is highly unusual, according to AlienVault.

“This is one of the few times we have ever seen a malicious Office file used to deliver malware on to the Apple Mac platform and which exploits a remote code execution vulnerability that exists in the way that Microsoft Word handles a specially crafted file that includes a malformed record.”

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