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Ad-Aware Free vs Ad-Aware Pro

Get rid of  cyberthreats and have complete protection against it with AdAware!

AdAware is one of the most popular anti-spyware tool that detects and removes malware, spyware and adware on a user’s computer. For more info, check out: AdAware

Here,  I will discuss to you the difference between  – The Free version: AdAware Free and the Paid ones: AdAware Pro.  You may think, Why pay when I  can have one for free ? So I have here a  a short comparison between the two:

First we have Ad-Aware Free, this is an Internet Security that has the basic protection functionality that won’t affect the performance of your computer.

Ad- Aware Free
features real-time protection, advanced Genocode detection technology, rootkit protection, automatic updates, and much more. All  to ensure that you have the power to protect yourself online.


Adaware Free Features:

Comprehensive malware protection.Powerful threat detection, removal and repair. Blocks spyware, Trojans, blended malware, and more – plus behavior-based heuristics safeguard against unknown and newly emerging threats.

Anti-Virus.Detection, removal, and repair of traditional virus threats.

Basic real-time protection. Ad-Watch Live! Basic process protection blocks malicious processes and infected programs that try to start or run on your system.

Download protection. Provides an additional layer of protection that lets you download files confidently.

Removes all traces of infections and cookies.Removes all traces of infections that can slow down your computer.

Automatic Updates.Continuous pulse updates to guard your privacy against cyber attacks.

If you need added security and deeper layers of protection, then,  Ad-Aware Pro is a good choice.

Adaware Pro
gives you the power to protect your online security and privacy so that you can use the Internet how, when, and where you want. It offers advanced internet security protection.



AdAware Pro Features:

Comprehensive malware protection ,  Anti-Virus,  Basic real-time protection, Download protection, Removes all traces of infections and cookies, PLUS:

Expert real-time protection- Ad-Watch Live! Expert stops threats in real-time by blocking connections to blacklisted IP addresses, malicious processes, registry changes, and malicious files.

Advanced rootkit removal system- Expert level rootkit technology to uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools, including user mode & kernel mode rootkits.

Speed up PC start time – Removes unnecessary clutter from your computer’s start-up process.

Do Not Disturb Mode
10 Automatic updates- Continuous pulse updates to guard your privacy against cyber attacks.

Expert Technical Support-Free support whenever you need it. Includes direct, in-product access to the Lavasoft Support Center.

Whether it’s free or paid , important thing  is that it meets the needs of your Pc protection needs and it defends your computer from any  threats and spyware.

For more info, check out: AdAware Pro

AdAware Total Security

It’s really easy to research information about people nowadays.  With a click of a button, one can where the person works, plays, his/her hobbies, likes, and of course, friends.  And  the turnaround time for getting the information counts less than a second.

In the belief that information at hand is information that can be lost, I learned to separate bits and pieces of and about me that can be shared.  Knowing that identity theft has absolute repercussions that may paralyze a person’s life, I immediately rummaged around for a software that can protect my information.

The Ad-Aware Total Security is a wholistic approach to online security.  It protects the system against intruders that thrive and comb information from your root system to your online activities.  It lets the user go online without thinking twice about security, as it blocks information threats and removes them at once.

What you can get from Ad-Aware:

Safe, Sound, and Secure. It has a state-of-the-art malware and spyware protection that effectively blocks hackers, viruses, rootkits, hacker, malware, and spyware.  It also lets you monitor your child’s online activity and prevent access to dangerous sites.

Economical . The Ad-Aware Total Security saves money as it combines the essential functions in online protection offered in separate programs.  It lets you maximize your space, time and money, that acquiring and installing individual programs produce.

Peace of Mind. It continually protects your system from possible intruders and identity thieves.  You can surf, transact, and visit social networking sites worry-free, leaving you with total enjoyment in your tasks.  It also optimizes your PC’s health with its tuning features, making your computer maintenance hassle-free.

For a family man, protection for my family has always been my number one priority.  And by these benefits, being online-secure gives me a step towards a healthy family life.

For further information on the product, please visit Ad-Aware Security and Total Real-time Solution Software.

Ad-Aware is an absolute favorite of mine. I have used it for ever and always install it as one of the first software titles when I get a new computer. I love the Pro version, but the free version is also excellent.

PC World recently published its list of the greatest free downloads and services, and named Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware as one of its top 10 products of all-time, alongside the likes of OpenOffice, Gimp and other user favorites.

Here’s what PC World had to say about Lavasoft anti-malware software:
Ad-Aware Free: This utility is simple to use and does an excellent job of detecting and killing spyware.”

If you agree with PC World and think Ad-Aware Free is ‘superstar’ security software, remember that a Plus and Pro version of Ad-Aware ,with bonus features and protection is available . Want to try these versions out for yourself? Check out Ad-Aware Plus and Ad-Aware Pro here.

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Source: Lavasoft Partner Blog

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