Category: ID Theft

Safety Shopping Tips Online

The Internet proves to become a helpful tool to free any boundaries set by geographical locations. This is more evident when you’re shopping online. With it, you entrust your information to someone you don’t know like your...

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IRS Tips On Identity Thefts

Just a few weeks after the recent database attack at Target including credit card information, there have been many emails that have been sent out from the website of credit card companies. These emails indicate what they were...

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How to Prevent Hacking when Using Social Networks

The increasing use of social media by small businesses and large organizations means that there will be threats from hackers. Hackers often break into accounts to post false messages or steal information that can be used for financial gain. Social media accounts need to be treated the same as in-house computer systems by using various security measures…

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Trojan Steals Facebook Login

Researchers at security firm BitDefender have detected a new do-it-yourself kit created to produce customized Trojans that pilfer Facebook login details, passwords stored inside browsers and even VPN credentials. The kit is...

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