Based on latest news from Information Security Breaches, there are almost 87% reports from small businesses who have suffered security breach this year. The cost of a security breach is not a small amount, it is one huge money that can affect entrepreneurs in more ways than one. These breaches do not have to keep on happening, it can be prevented. There are basic steps that have to be done and have been done by several organizations to improve their online security and to protect their valued assets. The following are some of the steps that small entrepreneurs can do to protect their dealings.

Know your assets and who to delegate it. In any business, it is imperative to know the things that must be protected and to give the job of protecting these things to the most responsible person in the bunch. Most often than not, the responsibility is given to the senior manager since they have the knowledge of the risks if the security goes down and they know how to face them.

Also it is always best to keep on recording and testing your security and to educate your people how to do it. In this manner, you are always updated and protected.

Source: Economia