Identity theft continues to plague consumers both online and off.  Victims spend a total $5 billion yearly trying to undo identity theft. Here are ways to prevent:

  • Remove from your wallet anything with your Social Security number on it. And “be careful about your trash,” by investing in a shredder.
  • Explore potential personal-security risks of mobile apps, online cookies, and unsolicited website come-ons at
  • If it happens, get a checklist from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse of things to know and do if you are a victim of identity theft.
  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., a government insurer of bank accounts, has a page of links exposing the creative scams – sometimes referred to as phishing – that ID thieves use to get people to hand over personal information.
  • Keep the key to your Social Security information, since your Social Security number is the simplest key to unlocking your identity and stealing it

Source: Google News