The world’s leading antivirus solution embraces its  Distinction Award for its two-year corporate image makeover from Rebrand 100 Global Award.

After a complex rebranding process completed in 2011, the global player BitDefender repositioned itself due to a breakthrough branding approach delivered by Brandient, the leading Eastern European brand strategy and design company.

Inspired by ancient Romanian history, the Dacian wolf symbol was chosen to represent the BitDefender philosophy: we are awake, always on guard.

The new BitDefender corporate image reflects the concept of “the mind that never sleeps” and it embodies the qualities of the sleek mythological wolf: predator instincts, always ready for battle, always the first to explore new territories.

Brandient conceptualized and implemented the strategy, the visual identity, the packaging and brand engagement sessions with the aim to provide Bitdefender business with a valuable growth driver, fitted to the global span of the brand and the exceptional performance of the products.