You can now enjoy Bit Defenders first security product for the Android market – out of beta, which gives you protection for your Android phone. The new Bitdefender Mobile Security.

The application, which taps Bitdefender’s decade of award winning experience fighting electronic threats, offers a robust defense against invasion of privacy, malicious software and theft while saving battery power for its core purpose – communication.

Bitdefender – “We back this application with a reputation built on a decade of elite detection, acclaimed protection and performance, ease of use and unique user experience.”

The BETA of BitDefender Mobile Security comes in a free version and a subscription version costing $9.95 per year.

What can you expect from Bitdefender Mobile Security?

Free Version:

  • Malware scanner – Scans apps as you install them to prevent unpleasant surprise.
  • Application Audit – Helps you ensure that your apps don’t misbehave.
  • Remote Geolocation – Tracks the location of their device on Google Maps.

Paid Version: (includes all the features listed above)

  • Anti‐Theft – Remote Geolocation, Remote Lock Device, Remote Wipe Device, Message Device & Play Sound.
  • Web Security -Keeps you safe from malicious sites and their traps, stopping* you from the get‐go.

BitDefender Mobile Security is a powerful mobile security tool for Android devices which includes features such as on-demand scanning, on-install scanning, and much more. The open nature of Android OS has made the platform more prone to be infested with malware.