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Have you had of the latest Conficker’s massive infestation?

The damaging and popular downadup worm – Conficker – has been reported to have done its malicious attacks in hospital operations. It’s finally made its way into Hospital medical devices and its wrecking havoc.

The organizer of the Conficker Working Group and Senior Vice President for Neustar, Rodney Joffe, told a Congress  that almost 300 medical devices under one manufacturer were infected with the worm, said CBS news.

Most of the infected devices were those that were connected to local area networks (LANs).Hospital operations have been affected and it has become a very serious problem that must be kept a close eye on.

Medical devices have been compromised due to the connection to an un-patched version of Microsoft’s Operating System. The patch which carries the protection from such worms and virus attack was released late last year but because of the 90-day notice regulation of U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it had not been installed.

It has come to light that not only hospitals have been affected and are vulnerable from Conficker, other industries too have been hit hard, so there’s no complete assurance of safety unless you are well protected with the right antivirus.

Conficker manifests and self copies itself on machines, targeting those that are run in Microsoft Windows and do not have the patch installed.

Conficker-proof your machines and prevent it from being attacked, make sure to install the latest windows updates which can be found on the microsoft website and most important of all update your security solutions.

The top conficker-proof  security software for your business in the market today include Bitdefender Enterprise Solution, Counterspy Enterprise and Ad-Aware Enterprise.

Don’t wait until its too late you have been warned!

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