mail2Phishing is widespread online and in fact, there are more than 445,000 sites detected to do such practice. Experts say that it will keep on increasing in the coming years. Below are some tips to avoid phishing sites:

  1. It may be worth checking the CC and TO fields of the email, and see if there are many other people who the email has been sent to.
  2. You should not click on the links especially if you don’t request for such emails.
  3. Recheck the domain closely. Many criminals misspell domain names even though they don’t appear in the first glance.

Always Think Smartly

The best way to be protected is to not visit the phishing site at all and keep yourself away from their malicious activities. Aside from the tips above, you can practice a good judgment to avoid the traps of phishing sites. Get the full story by going to the source.

Source: Security Watch