computer2James Clapper, US spy chief, revealed of cyber threats!

A person that was said to be speaking for the Anonymous group has issued a warning video that circulated online about ‘going to war’ with the Singapore government after the latter changed its internet licensing rules, dated Nov. 1, 2013.

Intelligence agencies in the United States have put cyber attack from criminals and foreign governments at top priorities in terms of threat to the US.  They recognize that such online assaults would undermine the national security and the economic competitiveness of the country, according to the Director of National Intelligence.

Based on a report issued by James Clapper’s office, Russia’s military was putting up a cyber command that would lead the attacks. In the report, North Korea, Iran and China are also leading threats.

But according to his testimony made to a congressional committee, he noted that he not anymore believed that the US faced its cyber Armageddon.  He added that it is now less probable that the major infrastructures of the country, including its power grid and financial networks, would be disabled by the hackers.

Still, he warned that they foresee an ongoing series of what they call low-to-moderate cyber attack levels from a wide range of sources.

He also noted that he could see Russia as the greatest cyber threat for the US, which was more severe than what they previously considered. In November of last year, North Korea was accused as the country that was behind a large data theft from Sony Pictures. Finally, he added that profit-minded hackers and criminals also remain more active than ever.

Source: BBC UK