Talking about cyber security, the two trusted names Symantec and Verisign had set up a joint cyber security to call it ‘The Norton Secured Seal’. Symantec’s Norton Secured Seal extends its strategy from providing Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, into offering comprehensive website security solutions.

“It will be displayed more than half a billion times per day in 170 countries on websites and in search results on enabled browsers,” Symantec said. It added its consumer products are used by more than 150 million people worldwide and Norton products ship on more than 60 percent of Windows-based consumer PCs.

Christian Christiansen, program vice president for Security Products and Services at IDC, said this is timely in the wake of increasing online threats.

He said customers increasingly need confirmation that a website is “genuine and safe.”

“To answer this customer requirement, companies need to present customers with assurances of reliability. Therefore, the Norton Secured Seal, backed by Symantec authentication and security, is an important and recognizable trust mark for online consumers,” he said.

“Since acquiring the VeriSign Authentication business, Symantec extends the core foundation of SSL to offer the most comprehensive security portfolio in the market,” said Fran Rosch, vice president, Identity and Authentication of Symantec.

Rosch added Symantec’s shift to delivering Website Security Solutions further strengthens the protection of data and information in transit.
The Norton Secured Seal represents a major step in helping companies establish higher levels of website trust and confidence with their customers, Rosch added.

Symantec Consumer Worldwide Marketing vice president Sally Jenkins added Symantec and Norton’s combined brand equity have created the most trusted global brand for protecting information and identities online.

“Norton is committed to helping consumers stay protected, across all aspects of their digital lives. The Norton Secured Seal is backed by the trusted Norton brand and empowers consumers to browse, shop, and socialize online with full confidence that their personal information is secure,” she said.

The Norton Secured Seal provides further assurance to businesses that their customers’ online information and transactions are protected at all stages thru the more familiar Norton Safe Web, a site ratings service that makes it easy for consumers to differentiate between a safe and risky site.

It leverages Safe Web technology to provide users visual site ratings within search results before they visit a site. For consumers, the seal would let them know it is safe to communicate, transact and exchange information on that site.

It cited a U.S. online consumer study that recognition of the Norton Secured seal is high: 94 percent of consumers are likely to continue an online purchase when they view the Norton Secured Seal during the checkout process, more than other seals or when no seal was displayed.

Symantec added 90 percent of respondents indicated they would not continue a transaction if they saw a browser warning page indicating the absence of a secure connection.

Symantec said business customers will value the Norton Secured Seal, which can attract new visitors and potential customers who trust it.

Symantec began automatically updating all VeriSign seals with the Norton Secured Seal to websites worldwide starting April 17. This goes on for two weeks, with the seamless transition needing no action by current customers.

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