Ad-Aware is an absolute favorite of mine. I have used it for ever and always install it as one of the first software titles when I get a new computer. I love the Pro version, but the free version is also excellent.

PC World recently published its list of the greatest free downloads and services, and named Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware as one of its top 10 products of all-time, alongside the likes of OpenOffice, Gimp and other user favorites.

Here’s what PC World had to say about Lavasoft anti-malware software:
Ad-Aware Free: This utility is simple to use and does an excellent job of detecting and killing spyware.”

If you agree with PC World and think Ad-Aware Free is ‘superstar’ security software, remember that a Plus and Pro version of Ad-Aware ,with bonus features and protection is available . Want to try these versions out for yourself? Check out Ad-Aware Plus and Ad-Aware Pro here.

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Peter – Your Online Security Guide

Source: Lavasoft Partner Blog