globe2WordPress is one of the world’s primary, foremost and best web based platform where a lot of famous people and trusted brands publish their online media. It is an open source blogging tool and content media for all those who seek and write information.

If you are looking to create blogs or works to publish all over the internet then WordPress is a very preferable choice. Not only do you publish your work over a popular and trusted network, but you are also a member of the organizational community that builds upon the promise of free and open blogging.

There may be a few things that are worrying you, mainly what is the cost or the price of being in WordPress? No, it does not cost a lot of money, but as a matter of fact, the service is entirely free with no hidden charges or fees of any kind. This means that you get to publish your own media, blog or anything else that you might want to do without having to pay for anything. But of course you are subjected to the rules that are set by the community that holds WordPress together.

Now, most often than not, the next question to this is, if everybody can answer it, then how am I sure that the content I share and click on is safe?

That is a very viable question, a great one actually. While WordPress is a very safe and viable platform that everyone can use with no worries, a great and comprehensive security plugin now exists for the people who are cautious or are generally just concerned with online and website security and that is the All in One WP Security & Firewall.


  • This software protects you and shields you and your website from possible threats and vulnerabilities. This plugin has a security spec and a specialized firewall that are very easy to use and control.
  • It ups your security, it does not slow you down, it builds a firewall and alerts you on your existing user account, all that for absolutely, nothing.
  • It’s free!

This is something that provides you with all the service and all the protection with no investment in return, but just download the plugin and work as if it wasn’t there. Why? It doesn’t slow down your site, device or your capacity to work. Be at your utmost defense, take full control and have full strength security, all in All in One WP Security and Firewall.