security1About 1,200 people were surveyed and about 70 percent of them will be making at least a purchase online using their tablet or Smartphone at home or work this Christmas season. If you plan to do the same, check out this post and protect yourself from harm to enjoy online shopping.

  • Don’t click on any links on emails.
  • Lock your device. If you use a Smartphone, you can consider using its password, fingerprint scanner and code features.
  • Check apps before downloading and don’t permit them to gather unnecessary details from you.
  • Do home shopping. It’s safe to stay home when shopping, and avoid using any Wi-Fi in public.
  • Secure your shopping by using a security application on your device.

There you have some quick tips you should learn if you want to secure online shopping this holiday season. Read the entire version of this article.

Source: Business2Community