Through the years, different means of compromising users were developed by hackers, so if you have an unprotected internet access, you can be one of the victims.

  • Identity Thefts – This is a common form of hacking wherein a hacker, once he gets into your system, can have all the necessary information to pretend as you.
  • Credit Card Frauds – A very common form wherein your personal information, passwords for internet banking, web services, can be used to perform illegal and indecent acts. And even you family’s security is at stake.

So in order for you to not put yourself in this situation, you should be able to identify signs that will tell you that your computer is in trouble.

Here are some of the common signs that you computer has been hacked – Programs and web pages take a lot of time to load than they used to do before,  you have emails in your sent items folder that you never sent in the first place, there are suspicious log files, changes in any of the personalized settings in your desktop and many more..

In cases like this, it is suggested that you further protect your system against hackers by installing dependable anti-virus software that could act not only to protect you against viruses and malwares but also to serve as a strong protection against individuals that are trying to hack into your computer.

So why not get an antivirus which can give you a powerful security against terrorizing hacking activities.

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Source: BitDefender Guide