globe2Safety is basic but not everyone may be aware of it in terms of using the net and your devices. Since your digital device is commonly used for storing, documenting and communicating information, you should keep them safe, too, but also not only that you should protect them from any malware but to secure your device all the time.

Here are tips to get you started:

  1. Stay focus and alert, so protect your device such as Smartphone from lost or theft by always being alert.
  2. Since these devices may not be big enough for best viewing especially when you’re in a busy, noisy place, you may not see fraudulent sites. Example, instead of, you may not see Therefore, you should check the URL you are visiting especially if you’re shopping.
  3. Don’t jailbreak your phone, as it may become susceptible to more intrusion and malware if you do.
  4. Update and secure your security applications, as they can protect your device from any attacks such phishing and malware.

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Source: The Star