SoftRescue File Transfer Software

In the old days, one computer can only handle a program at a time.  A specialized PC, for example can only function as an accounting tool if it is built for that purpose.  Now, with the emerging trend of limitless PC to software capabilities (and vice versa), the average computer can hold hundreds of applications and run them simultaneously.

From programming, to data processing, to entertainment, the standard workstation can perform these functions in a click.  All it requires is the simplicity of installing your desired software to your PC, and it’ll be upbeat with your command.

All these are pretty much convenient and straightforward.  But of course, change is inevitable.  A time will come when your hardware needs to be upgraded to support your technological needs.  Much like the New Year, you’d have to bid farewell to the past year and welcome the new – without erasing the memories.

Your files and most-loved applications need not go whenever you say goodbye to your old PC.  How?

SofRescue Pro is a technological find aimed to help people setup their new PCs.  It does its share by migrating all your files, applications, and games to your new computer.  This innovation was spearheaded by Ansoft AS to keep up with the technological revolution of today.

Here are some of its features:

Secure. Viruses, worms, hijackers, and spywares are kept out during the process – making the procedure safe, clean, and secure.

Dynamic. Lets you install up to 4 PCs per license and offers free lifetime updates on the latest versions.

Flexible. It has an optional compression level (up to 1:2) ratio, and only moves the primary installer data.

Timesaver. SoftRescue’s Grab& Restore technology is a timesaver that lets you transfer your files without being present.

SoftRescue Pro’s functionality is not limited to setting up new PCs alone.  This is also applicable whenever you reinstall your operating system, improving your PCs performance, and File optimization.

Now, every average PC user has the power of total file mobility and security.

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