Are Men Suckers for Facebook Beauties?According to a study, men are especially likely to fall for a monstrous Facebook scam if they believe that the person infront of their monitor is a sexy female.

The study, commissioned by antivirus software company Bitdefender, surveying 1,649 men and women in the UK and America has revealed that men were far more likely to: accept friendship requests from strangers; announce their location, ignore privacy settings; leave their account open for all to view; and fail to read a website’s privacy policies.

And the differences between the actions of men and women online were remarkable.

The study found that 64.2 percent of women always rejected friendship requests from strangers, while the figure drops to just more than half of men at 55.4 percent.

A quarter of all men allow strangers to view and search their accounts, compared with 16 percent of women.

When it comes to revealing their location, the percentage figures are closer together – but men once again lead the way with 25.6 per cent, as opposed to 21.8 percent of women.

Perhaps predictably, the survey results showed men were more likely to hit the ‘confirm’ button on a friend request if it was accompanied by a ‘hot-looking’ woman.

When confronted with a friend request and an attractive man’s picture, women fail to take the bait.

Bitdefender’s George Petre said women’s reticence to accept the offers of strangers predated not just Facebook and social networking, but the Internet – society has taught women to be cautious about strange men.

He said: ‘Men expose themselves to risks more than women, especially when accepting friendship from unknown persons.’

So better yet, ask yourself if you’re one of these men.