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Screen-exclamationChina’s recently identified and proclaimed Network Security Law may not be business-friendly to other countries that it does business with, especially the U.S. This is also one of the consequences of the American government’s plan to issue sanction to the Chinese government regarding the incident of data hack in June that happened to expose huge number of US government workers.

Network Security Law creates a national standard for security, which according to majority might cross the line between national security and limiting the promotion of Chinese products in the international market. It is also seen to limit the people’s freedom for speech. Final decision is anticipated to come soon

Source: Washington Examiner

security1FBI consultant and fraud exert Frank Abagnale said that phishing and cybercriminals are abundant in South Africa today, losing the country billions of dollars a year. Michelle Beetar, MD of Experian South Africa, who confirmed that the country lost R1 billion, backed up Abagnale’s statement.

Frank Abagnale’s biography was featured in the film Catch Me If You Can wherein he deceived the American government and stole millions of dollars by impersonating several identities and forging cheques at the age of 19. He was imprisoned and then taken out to help the bureau in catching other fraud criminals. Abagnale said that with the technology today, it is much easier to copy and steal one’s identity.  He encouraged everyone to protect themselves and avoid disclosing personal information online.

Source: Money Web