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globe2Businesses are doing everything to keep their data, IT systems, email accounts and mobile devices as safe as they could. Experts have been offering advices but the problem on security is still there. Innovations are being implanted by companies such as huge data analytics to assess risk in software development. However, security risk stands still.

Before doing the technical process like encryption and the likes, let’s start with the basic such as utilizing the use of complicated passwords, using security questions, regular monitoring of your financial data, verifying an attachment before you click it and updating both your anti-virus and OS.

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globe2The increasing number online users have triggered interests of cyber hackers and online criminals. This prompted for a stronger security measures. Among the top advices from experts to stay safe online includes enabling multi-factor authentication on all online accounts – every single one of it. It is also advised to use strong passwords and keeping them safe all the time.

Experts discourage the use of illegal software and download, as illegal sites are packed with malware and viruses. Speaking of virus, it is very important to keep your device firewalled and keep your antivirus updated. Lastly, perform regular backups for future data recovery.

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globe2Techy advice makes security online a complicated but it is as simple as protecting your personal things from being robbed. Before knowing those technical encryption things, it is important to learn and do the basic measures to improve business and personal security.

First, use complicated passwords and keep them safe. Establish security questions and make sure to monitor your financial accounts before payment. Do not click on unsolicited attachments from unknown emails and keep your OS and anti-virus updated.

Take time to learn the current online scams to avoid falling on those traps. Keep your information safe – debit or credit cards by using a secured network when making a purchase.

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computer2Security online is not a one-way street, therefore there is no single way to get into it successfully. Before getting into the techie parts of the process such as encryption and everything, do the basic first such as using complicated passwords, security questions, monitoring financial accounts, verifying attachment before clicking on it, and keeping your OS and anti-virus updated.

It also pays to be aware of current scams for you to learn how to avoid them. Be aware of and keep your information safe when using a credit or debit card by using a secured network. When purchasing online, use the secured website.

Source: e Week

UK Cyber Security Report says that small businesses are frequent victims of cybercrime and that there are actually simple ways to fight it. Among these steps include educating the team and making them aware of the possible security breaches that they may encounter Collective effort from all business units is necessary to fight cybercrime. It is also suggested to always keep a data back up in case of information theft. It is also important that members of the organization know the potential wreck that USB ticks can bring. Lastly, invest on updated software and anti-virus to keep devices and information safe.

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globe2Internet has made access and services easy for businesses and their customers. But poor internet security can ruin everything in just one click. Once you failed to secure all your information such as client and financial information, everything you worked for will be banished. How to keep it from happening?

Keep an updated and effective anti-virus. Build an efficient firewall that is not easy to penetrate by cyber attackers who might get the access and steal pertinent information from your company.

Authenticated software is an essential part in keeping company information safe and to avoid unauthorized personnel gets access to information.

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Screen-exclamationEveryone wants to be safe and secured especially during this day when scams and breaches are rampant across the globe. The following tips will help you get through:

First, practice two-way authentication, especially when logging in into a different device. Second important thing is to keep your browser, anti-virus, firewall and device up-to-date. Also, have your browser checked-up every now and then for security purposes. This will keep cyber attackers from exploiting your account.

It is also important to have safe and complicated passwords – items that hackers would not be able to guess. Lastly, access secured websites by using HTTPS on the search tab.

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Computer-ErrorOctober signifies National Cyber Security Awareness Month and in time for the celebration, RoboForm issued tips to strengthen online security. According to experts, it is advisable to use your debit cards rather than credit cards because they are PIN protected.  Next tip is to strengthen your passwords by using complicated combinations possible. As much as possible, bring your own device and avoid using others where you leave your valuable information unsecured.   Another tip is to avoid clicking untrusted links, spams and other phishing tools. Also, keep your device updated as often as possible. Updated firewalls and anti-virus will help increase online security.

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globe2It may sound funny for most people, but it’s true to approximately 1.2 billion passwords and username combinations that used “pass1234” as their passwords and that have been hacked by Russian online criminals. Concerns on stolen information and personal credentials are getting serious nowadays. Experts warned online users not to use public-shared Wi-Fi, unsecured links and easy-to-guess passwords. Users are also encouraged to keep their anti-virus updated and change their passwords as frequent as possible.

These online criminals are targeting anyone else, including the most secured Fortune 500 companies around the world. What can ordinary user do? Follow experts’ advice: security awareness.

Source: Gazette Times