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Computer-MouseWith holiday around the corner, people will be shopping for presents in one of the most convenient stores – online. For a safe and convenient shopping online, make sure that you don’t fall in the hands of cybercriminals. Consider the following tips: First, be vigilant on your surrounding and avoid exposing your device from strangers – this is why it is best to use secured connections with VPN rather than public Wi-Fi. Also, make sure that you visit secured websites by checking the URL and padlock icon at the address bar. And lastly, ensure that your OS and browsers are updated as well as the antivirus for a more secured device.

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globe2In order to keep your data protected whenever you are travelling, appropriate steps must be taken. One step to remember is to lock your device all the time unless you’re using it. If left unattended, your phone might be accessed by unathorized persons. Second, be cautious of public Wi-Fi, public computers, and public ATMs. Security bugs and other online security threats often lurk in publicly available devices. Third, turn off geolocation and geo-tagging features. Seriously, the whole world doesn’t need to know where you currently are. Lastly, employ added protection for all your devices by updating your apps and installing antivirus software.

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BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

Considered to be one of the best antivirus programs that exists, the BitDefender 2015 has high end and top notch security specs that is unparalleled and of course comes at a relatively cheaper price (for the full version). BitDefender 2105 has a very impressive software system that definitely outdoes its previous versions.

A full investment on a properly working and highly effective virus scanner and computer protector, as a matter of fact, it is also suggested that you have multiple virus programs just to make sure that you are protected. Don’t leave your computer at risk; see how BitDefender 2105 can help your computer and your work from future harm:

  • Protects your device from malware

Malicious software—from the name alone, you have to hate it. It is one of the most infectious, most infamous system bugs on your computer. Why are they malicious? Because the computer does not easily detect it, therefore making your device more prone to damage. BitDefender 2015 scores high with Malware detection and removal.

  • Secures yourself and your family

BitDefender not only offers virus protection but also security for your internet usage. Most of the information we type on our computers are not the ones we would like to share with the rest of the world. BitDefender 2105 scans your internet activity and prevents spywares that may share unwanted information. This also alerts you against online scammers that may wipe out your entire bank account.

  • Lets you use high performance software

That requires you nothing at all! This highly efficient software scans, detects, protects and quarantines at an ultra-fast rate no matter what operating system you are using. The beauty of BitDefender 2105 is that it adapts to your device, meaning it will not consume all your PC’s work power just to scan and to work effectively. It partitions its task usage effectively, which therefore, doesn’t slow down your computer. And all you have to do is installing.


Also enhanced:

  • Parental controls
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • One-step payments
  • Safe online banking and shopping

Continuously awarded as one of the best anti-virus programs in terms of system development and system speed and protection capability, this software system is no waste of money; the BitDefender 2015 is a good investment when it comes to protecting your devices and your family, even while you’re asleep.

Get your BitDefender 2015 today, or upgrade here. You can also get BitDefender for Mac.

Whenever you shop online, you must always take necessary precautions to make it secured. You must always seek to protect yourself from hackers online who are looking to steal your payment and credit details as well as your identity. Some of the things that you can do to ensure that your shopping is safe are by not adding items onto your cart. For you to ensure that your shopping is safe, see to it that you have the best security software that you can possibly have. In addition, you must also update your browser settings and your computers firewall settings. Keeping your computers clean with the use of anti-virus and anti-malware programs would also help a lot in achieving this. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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When it comes to online security, BitDefender Total Security may be the one searching for because it comes with non-intrusive and silent protection functions you only imagined.  For total security that never sleeps, you should not miss out the latest offering from this software. Now it comes with an even more affordable price of $39 for five seats!

What You’ll Get When You Buy BitDefender Total Security

  • Ultimate data protection from malware, spyware and phishing, among other e-threats
  • Safeguards your kids’ internet activities and prohibits them when needed
  • Protects your information when your device is stolen or lost
  • Has the latest, real time security report
  • Has the Autopilot feature
  • Stores confidential and private data; when necessary, it can also help you sync  information in between your devices
  • Comes with the non-intrusive and fast Photon technology
  • Has the BitDefender Safepay technology and wallet feature
  • 360-degree online privacy protection
  • Improved parental control
  • And so many more

If you want total security from all types of e-threats, then you need not to search for any other security tools. You can get your BitDefender Total Security for a low price of $39 for five seats.

Download BitDefender Total Security today!

mail2Phishing is widespread online and in fact, there are more than 445,000 sites detected to do such practice. Experts say that it will keep on increasing in the coming years. Below are some tips to avoid phishing sites:

  1. It may be worth checking the CC and TO fields of the email, and see if there are many other people who the email has been sent to.
  2. You should not click on the links especially if you don’t request for such emails.
  3. Recheck the domain closely. Many criminals misspell domain names even though they don’t appear in the first glance.

Always Think Smartly

The best way to be protected is to not visit the phishing site at all and keep yourself away from their malicious activities. Aside from the tips above, you can practice a good judgment to avoid the traps of phishing sites. Get the full story by going to the source.

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globe2Spotting phishing emails is something challenging but also something to be concerned of if you want to protect your security. So, how can you check if your emails contain fishing links, messages and contents? Check out below:

  1. See if the message has mismatched URL. One recommended way to detect phishing emails are to check for the integrity and value of the links included in the message.
  2. Check if the URLs have any misleading domain name.
  3. Read and see any poor grammar and spelling.
  4. See if the message is asking any of your personal information.
  5. Too good to be true offers

These are only some ways to spot any misleading, phishing emails that may put you into the trap of their malicious and fraudulent endeavors. If you want to check out the full version of the story, read from the Tech Republic.

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Spamhaus, an anti-spam firm, has called on the attention of the government of UK to impose a fine to those people who’re running an infrastructure on the internet that could be used by criminals for their illegal activities. The firm has been attacked this year by what they have called as the biggest cyber attack. Experts revealed that it is illegal for people to leave an unsecured server, which could become an outlet for criminals to attack their internet infrastructure. In the end, experts said that the government must be able to notify people in advance, and instead of penalizing, should just alert those who are using attackable servers.

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If you want better safety and security for your PC, it may be time that you de-clutter it, say experts. You will not only improve security but also increase your storage. As you may have been noticing, your PC runs so slow and disorderly with so much in store on it such as software and tool you never really use.  Did you know that that PC software you don’t use could compromise your security because you don’t update it? You should de-clutter your PC to free it from any attacks due to unused software. Read the full story from the source.

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security1Online sales are expected to reach up to 15 percent this 2013 holiday! However, you should keep yourself safe when shopping so here are tips for you.

  1. Always make smart online purchases. Verify the website address of the site where you are shopping. See if they have an “s” in their https and that it has a closed padlock in the URL bar.
  2. Don’t just click on anything. Be sure that you are not redirected to a fraudulent website by checking or typing in the direct website address of the site.
  3. Allot your budget when shopping, and avoid making any unrealistic purchases.
  4. Keep a record of your online receipts.

These are only some tips, which will help you secure your personal and credit card information when shopping online. Check out the full story today!

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