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MailThe thought of your photos being viewed or used by an unknown person is very unsettling. CloudSlice, Apple’s newest application for iOS, aims to strengthen photo security by breaking up your photos into slices and distributing them separately to multiple storage services. Moreover, the slices can only be put together using the right key or password. This method will keep all your photos safe and prevent anyone from accessing your complete photos even if one of your storage services is compromised. CloudSlice is easy to use and is compatible with Google Drive, iCloud, Box, DropBox, and MicrosoftOneDrive. This new app is available on the App Store for only $4.99.

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How to Protect Smartphone Data

Beyond security apps that Apple, Google and Yahoo are trying to introduce, there are still personal ways to keep your smartphones safe from security breach. Your data are automatically encrypted upon setting a passcode.

For Apple users, there is iOS 8 that hidesyour photos by simply pressing “Hide” on the thumbnail. For Samsung Galaxy users, turn on the “Private Mode” in the Personalization Setting. You can also mark information as ‘Private’ or simply lock them.For LG users, LG has a guest mode option that restricts other users from accessing your files. Most importantly, be aware. Do not share data right away.

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Computer-MouseThe launching of iOS 8 marks a new update, storage and support for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users. If all your devices are Apple manufactured, you got to update all of them simultaneously. However, old Apple devices might not be supported by their new iOS8. Among the devices it support are iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5S. For iPod, only the 5th gen is supported, as well as the iPad 2, iPad Mini with Retina Display iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air.  The iOS 8 provides more updated apps and extra storage for backup. You can review the list of iOS8 supported devices on Apple’s official website.

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Are Passwords Dying?

computer2One of the most controversial and surprising messages of Google in its large I/O conference is to kill passwords.  In many of the giant’s products, their war against password is obvious in one way or another. Not only is that Google trying to forgo of using passwords but also major companies, such as Samsung and Apple.  What will happen next in this latest story? Read the entire story from the source.

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globe2Today, multiple tech companies have surely made a revamped with its transparency and privacy policies since the revelations leaked that the NSA or National Security Agency was secretly documenting consumer data from the telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers and others. According to sources, the NSA is believed to gather vital information as showed in their documents. The EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation released a report on Friday that identified that nine companies were perfect in protecting customer data. Last year’s report showed otherwise wherein only two companies showed perfect scores on that matter. Amongst those companies were Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox and Apple. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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MAC OS Security Risks

computer2Recently, Apple has increased the MAC OS X security capabilities. According to IDG News Service, experts said that Apple has made all efforts to keep security tight on their end, but the truth is that, one reason it happened was nobody ever did try to exploit it. Since more initiatives deployed MAC computers, the state of the OS X’s security is going to be a sure topic on IT tactic meetings. Today, more businesses are likely to keep on using MACs in their workplace. In addition, iPhones and iPads are highly accepted in the IT industry. For more information regarding this post, go to the official CSO site.

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Apple and Amazon are changing their security policies after hackers broke into a journalist’s personal accounts. The change comes following a hack into Wired reporter Mat Honan’s iCloud account, in which perpetrators wiped his iPad, Mac and iPhone.

Apple users can no longer reset their Apple IDs over the phone. Previously, Apple ID passwords could be swapped in exchange for the email address, billing address and the last four digits of the credit card associated with the account.

The hackers obtained the last four digits of Honan’s credit card number by breaking into his account on Amazon, which is now also tightening its security features.

Amazon had required even less than Apple to change a password — only a user’s name, email address and mailing address. The hackers found the final digits of Honan’s credit card once they reset his Amazon password.

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The Kaspersky security company claims that iOS’s sizable market share makes it a tempting target for malware writers.

The Kaspersky security company said that because Apple won’t allow companies to develop “true endpoint security” for iOS, iOS will become a malware target, leading to plunging iOS market share.

Eugene Kaspersky told the Register that Apple won’t lets his company develop anti-virus software for iOS devices due to the closed nature of Apple’s SDK.

He warns that iOS’s sizable market share makes it a tempting target for malware writers. And because iOS won’t have “true endpoint security” from companies like Kaspersky, “That will mean disaster for Apple.”

Source: PCWorld