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Banking online is one thing that everybody else is concerned about due to the many threats like cyber attacks and identity thefts. Doing it from the comfort of your own home is one of the few that you can do in order to keep your account, personal information and transaction secure. However, it does not mean that you are immune from any attacks online.

It is evident that the “2-step verification” process, where you or any other user, is required from online account holders that requires the use of a PIN number and a customer password, but that is already been conquered by online thieves. What banks utilize and provide nowadays are card readers where you now need to confirm a payment detail through the card reader. For more details regarding this post, click on the link below.

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Tips To Stay Cyber Safe

Screen-exclamationThe National Cyber Security Alliance issued some tips to help people stay safe in using the internet. This issuance is prompted after revealing that 84% of the Americans need to safeguard their personal information. People must stop sharing confidential information such as bank accounts and passwords. It is also important to change passwords as frequent as possible and to update security software to avoid breach. They must think before sharing information and consider how doing such will affect their safety. They should also demand to be protected from their providers. And lastly, education is the best way to protect themselves from any cyber-attack in the future.

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Security provider Symantec disclosed that it detected a phishing attack using Dropbox as front for hackers to access users’ information. It has been noted as one of the massive attacks since millions of people are using Dropbox storage. The emails sent to users are identical to the Dropbox page that it can make anyone fall for it. The link will then lead to a fake Dropbox login page, but hosted by Dropbox itself, according to a security expert.

The fake login enables hackers to get into users’ pertinent information such as personal account information, photos and files stored therein. The phishing email was detected and immediately shut down.


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