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Computer-ErrorSmall businesses are susceptible to cyber attacks, causing them thousands of dollars and putting their business at risk. The following security tips are specially designed for SMBs.

First, do not assume security in all your transactions so keep all your pertinent information safe at all times. Second, make sure to perform password alteration in a regular basis. If you ran out of ideas, you can use an app to help you in password creation and management. And last but not the least; try using Open Source solutions if possible, as it is easier to detect security flaws in these solutions.

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security1Security companies have been issuing tips on how to keep your information and devices safe from malware and cyber-attacks. But according to experts, updating your security software is still the best way to prepare from any breach, malicious attacks, and information theft.  It is also important to use strong and complicated passwords and update them as frequently as possible. People can make use of password managers for strong suggested passwords.

For anti-virus and software, it is very necessary to update them – whether you use a PC or mobile device. This will keep your information safe and guard your device from any breach and possible cyber-attacks.

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Screen-exclamationA human click is considered as the weakest link in an organization’s security chain. According to reports by Trend Micro, 91% of online cyber-attacks take place when malware or virus is delivered through infected links, emails, and downloads. If an employee happens to receive an email with an infected attachment, it is only to be expected that such employee will subsequently open it. As a result, the entire company’s data will be put in jeopardy. In order to strengthen this weak link, creating and maintaining awareness within all levels of an organization is a necessity. Visit Information Age to know more.

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Screen-exclamationMicrosoft sees that a decent security support for its devices will hold the loyalty of their customers and prevent them from shifting to its rivals, particularly Google.

In one of the company conferences, Microsoft launched its innovative security services, stating how its competitor Google neglects security of its customers. Microsoft’s executive vice president, Terry Myerson stated how the competitor exposes its clients to the vulnerability of cyber hacking with its uncontrolled software updates.

Among Windows 10 security features are scheduled updates, the Device Guard to limit machine applications, controlled unauthorized data duplication, the Azure Rights Management Services against unauthorized access and Advanced Threat Analytics to observe the series of activities in case of cyber-attacks.

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Screen-exclamationThe Safer Internet Day celebrated last February 10, encourages everyone immersed and involved in the onlineworld to invest in a much safer environment in your online domain, not necessarily in software but in the little things that can make you and your information more secure as they are stored across the internet.

An ounce more of security can do loads for you especially now, that you are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threat. On your own volition, you can prevent this situations through doing small things such as a using a two-factor authentication system, regularly updating your browser and devices, using different passwords for everything, applying for a Google check-up every once in a while and using https domains every once in a while .

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Screen-exclamationStarting up a small business and taking it on the internet can be tough. Even multimillion-dollar companies crumble against cyber-attacks so it is a must to be most vigilant against all kinds of cybercrimes.

For small business owners, it will be best to stay updated on the latest cyber-attacks so security systems can also be updated. Controlling the access on both digital and physical offices lessens security break- ins. It is also suggested to make the office well- lighted even at night to deter thieves. Putting up CCTVs and raising the alarm system will also help drive away any intruder.

Lastly, it is encouraged to secure computer servers and storing sensitive paperwork securely to avoid prying eyes both online and offline.

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mail2IT leaders are considering managed security services due to the increase in demand of securing companies and protecting them from cyber attacks, according to a new research conducted by Fortinet during the latest global survey with more than 1,600 leaders in information technology of big enterprises. The same study revealed the leaders’ intention of outsourcing some of their companies’ security functions to managed security services due to the increasing threats of cyber attacks lately. Read the full story from the source.

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Computer-ErrorSecurity experts, large and small businesses, public and private individuals are all fighting a common attack today: online security assaults. With cyber attacks being one of the widely discussed concerns today, security experts gives tips to all online users on how to stay secured and safe from all these attacks.

First is to be aware: in everything including privacy policies. Next is to understand how social media works: especially the sharing stuff. And speaking of share, one must know what to share and what not to share. Authenticating log in and passwords is the next step and the last but not the least, educate yourself and those people important to you.

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Computer-Warning1In recent times, Target Stores, Inc. became victims of one of the biggest cyber attacks known to this time where company database are often the target of cyber criminals of all sorts. Companies of today, no matter what the size is, continue to fight and assess the entire damage done by the Heartbleed attack. The big question remains on the minds of a company’s chief executive, what’s going to be the next big threat to them online?

Based from the most recent 60-page report by Verizon, more than 50 companies worldwide have reported a total of 1300 data breaches and 63000 plus security incidents that were all confirmed by top executives of companies who reported the incidents. The same report contains nine categories involving cyber security threats. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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globe2Today, cyber attacks continue to rage on a company database. No business is too small for these hackers to see as a very lucrative target for them to steal cash. Small companies, no matter where it’s situated, should have the best form of security on their end. Those who run small businesses, most especially the first timers, should utilize merchant service providers. Perch owner Zoel Fages chose this path by hiring Axia, a merchant service provider that’s based in Santa Barabara, California, to process his credit card transactions. Any business should keep their clients’ transactions and payment secure at all cost. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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