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Frank Abagnale, a reformed fraudster and now an FBI consultant, stated at the Experian’s Insight Conference on Tuesday that cyber criminals are taking notice of South Africa’s increasing online presence. He revealed that the damages of cyber crime on the economy every year reaches up to hundreds of billions of dollars globally. According to Abagnale, the root of security breaches is human error. In addition, Michelle Beetar, an Experian MD, stated that according to a report by the company, as much as R1 billion has been lost from cases of identity theft in South Africa alone. Read the entire story on Moneyweb.

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ReadingIt is undisputed that business travelers are often targeted by cyber criminals. Due to this alarming fact, it is a must for businessmen and employees to be aware of cyber security risks and to learn to identify red flags. One tip to follow is to exercise moderation in downloading travel applications. If you’re out of the country, another tip is to avoid using the public wifi most specially of the hotspot does not require a password. And when it comes to creating passwords, make sure to create strong and hard-to-crack ones. This may consist of 12 or more characters including symbols, numbers, and capital and lower case letters.

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ReadingOn the event of cyber attacks by hackers and other cyber criminals, most companies employ the services of a legal counsel during the investigation process. To help companies under the threat of cyber attacks, Phil Schenkenberg has provided 4 useful tips. The first tip is to segregate the roles of the legal counsel and the consultant. The second one is to consider the advantages of having the legal counsel oversee the work of the consultant. The third one is to have the counsel offer recommendation to the management. And the last tip is to involve the counsel with the crafting of cyber security strategies.

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globe2As everyone gets busy doing their Black Friday shopping, preparing foods for Thanksgiving and wrapping gifts, there are also other people who are working hard to get into customers’ online card transactions – the cybercriminals.  With almost all transactions involve credit cards; it makes a huge avenue for cybercriminals to your accounts without you knowing it. Be protected by ensuring that you buy only from legitimate online stores with legit online forms. Avoid using multiple credit cards in your online purchases. Secure your web browser and keep your device and network safe. Enjoy the holidays without worries – stay alert and safe.

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globe2In the midst of cyberattacks in numerous financial companies such as JPMorgan Chase, fear of breached online security roam over users. If huge companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks, how much more are private individuals like you?

But security safe is still possible. By using use two-factor authentication in very online account and social media platforms you use, the possibility of being victimized by cyber attacks can be minimized, if not totally alleviated. Also, store important information in secured storage is still a good plan. The last but not the least, you must revise your Internet security such as antivirus and network firewalls.

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Computer-Warning1In recent times, Target Stores, Inc. became victims of one of the biggest cyber attacks known to this time where company database are often the target of cyber criminals of all sorts. Companies of today, no matter what the size is, continue to fight and assess the entire damage done by the Heartbleed attack. The big question remains on the minds of a company’s chief executive, what’s going to be the next big threat to them online?

Based from the most recent 60-page report by Verizon, more than 50 companies worldwide have reported a total of 1300 data breaches and 63000 plus security incidents that were all confirmed by top executives of companies who reported the incidents. The same report contains nine categories involving cyber security threats. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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FacebookAs part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign, Facebook’s security experts released an infographic with tips that deals with securing logins and managing roles as well as mobile devices. Facebook, being one of the biggest social media network, has become one of the main targets of cyber criminals, scammers, hackers and identity thieves. Facebook understands that a breach into their platform would be such a big thing since it contains mostly personal information.

That’s why the company is encouraging their users to have a closer look into the infographic they have posted recently. This campaign is believed to continue along with cyber security awareness campaign. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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Tips to Stay Safe Online

security1Today, cyber criminals and hackers seem to get their way into a company’s database or an individual’s personal information easily. Anyone could be hacked at any given time of the day. Online security firm Trustwave put together the five best things that companies and individuals can do to stay secure and safe online. According to them, anyone who goes online should keep his or her security software up to date in order to protect them from the most common malware used by cyber criminals. Another thing that could help protect people from cyber attacks is by avoiding unsolicited emails and malicious websites. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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globe2The recent news about Russian cyber criminals hacking 1.2 billion email and password combinations alarmed the online community.  Experts warned online users to be more creative and watchful in creating their passwords as one of ways to improve their online security. Keeping passwords updated by changing them frequently is also helpful. A password management app available online can also assist online users to verify how strong or weak their passwords are.  Users are also warned about using public Wi-Fi connections and untrusted networks. Apart from this, AVG expert also encouraged users to secure their email accounts by verifying their mails and passwords. Lastly, users must be updated about the recent scams online.

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Hackers on eBay After You

Computer-MouseToday, experts believe that hackers continuously targets consumers online, particularly those who are fond of doing their shopping spree on eBay. Just recently, eBay’s security was breached by cyber criminals. According to reports, more than 233 million people had their contact information, personal details and other confidential details stolen. Based from the same report, amongst the 233 million, 15 million of them are eBay customers residing in Britain. Many experts consider this security lapse as one of the biggest in history, which do post a real threat to online customers. For more information on this, go to the source.

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