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Screen-exclamationBetter Business Bureau (BBB) launched an awareness campaign that aims to educate online users about cyber security and how to stay safe on this digital age. Among these practical tips include protecting delicate information, using safe network connections, limiting sharing activities and using strong passwords to secure smartphones.

To narrow down these lips, online users must learn the importance of using complicated passwords in their accounts while controlling the things they share over social media. It is also important to use secured connections and websites at all times. BBB inspires users to educate themselves in using digital gadgets.

The campaign was launched in partnership with STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

Source: Kentreporter

Computer-MouseAccording to the report of National Cyber Security Alliance, 84% of Americans feel that they need personal information protection. The people of Florida were provided with some tips on how to keep their personal information secured at all times. Among these tips include valuing and protecting personal information at all times and avoidance of sharing them.  People should also demand privacy and safety from their providers – whether it comes to internet or devices. It is also advised that people should have proper education on what to do in the case of security breach and report them immediately to the concerned authority.

Source: News 4 Jax