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Computer-WarningOnline shopping is such a big hit today due to its convenience. However, it also opens an avenue for cybercriminals to take part, especially with huge amount of money at stake. Here are few practical tips for a safe online shopping.

First, you need to stick with your trusted brand – the one with good reputation when it comes to online selling and customer satisfaction. Next, use credit card for more secured payment, as debit cards are more vulnerable.  It is advised to use secured websites, the ones with https URL and a symbol of padlock for safety. Do not give in to impossible offers and make sure to use secured connections instead of Wi-Fi.

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computer2Experts from SDN Communication, Sioux Falls Police, and the Dakota State University, through a program at KELOLAND News offers free advice to keep small businesses safe from online hacking and other related incidents. The event aims to educate businesses about cyber security, threats, and other possible problems online.

The event is for free (with breakfast served) and will be held from 8 AM to 10 AM in Oct. 28 at the Avera Prairie Center in 1000 E. 23rd St., Sr. Coleman Room. Angela Kennecke will lead the premier of the event with simultaneous cast at KELOLAND News at 5 and 10.
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lock2The banks in Georgia encourage consumers and businesses that electronically manage their money to get involved in protecting themselves and their businesses from cyber-attacks like account information theft.

When it comes to security issues, it is very important to avoid disclosing sensitive information to anyone – no matter who they claim they are and how much money they promise you.

Among the simple cyber practices that you can use to protect your money is by using complex passwords; avoid clicking on email attachments from untrusted sources and refrain from using unsecured connections. Simple and easy way is to monitor your account every transaction to look for any strange activity.

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Computer-Warning2Wayne Bank’s CEO Lewis J. Critelli, a Honesdale-based company, issued some important cyber security tips to help educate online users fight identity theft, a widely act of cybercrime these days. According to the business tycoon, the attractiveness of mobile devices among users makes them vulnerable to cybercrimes.

Among the tips he recommended include using strong passcodes, logging out after each session, installing anti-virus software and software updates. He also discourages mobile users from keeping sensitive information in their mobile devices. He also advised users to refrain from using unsecured public Wi-Fi connections and refrain from opening malicious and untrusted links.

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October marks the National Cyber Security Awareness Month and in line with this, the Louisiana online users are encouraged by one of their leaders Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell to take responsibility on the cyber security issues.

In relation to this, Caldwell emphasized the importance of self-education and involvement on cyber security issues at all times by using strong passwords, installing software and anti-virus updates as much as possible. Users must also keep personal information safe and dialog among closed people like family and friends. It is also discouraged to disclose information online and be cautious in reading shared information online.

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globe2There are actually practical tips to avoid cyber harassment. Among these tips include installing online security software to safeguard not only your files but your software and the connections you use. It is also important to practice safety in all information – at all times. Do not share personal information online, even with your networking ‘friends’.

Users should also avoid trolls that can trigger negative and affecting responses. When bullying occurs, especially with kids, advise them to immediately quit avoiding further damages. Lastly, online users should be smarter than cybercriminals by using the right tools – from legit software to malware protection.

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Screen-exclamationToday, almost every American lives in a mobile culture where they rely mostly of tablets, computers and Smartphones in order to get the latest news, purchase the things they need, communicate with family and friends or interact with financial institutions. For that same reason, there is a high increase in cyber attacks. These are conducted by cybercriminals that compromise networks that are supporting these devices.

More often than not, it results with identity theft, which often leads to financial losses as well as one’s failure to keep their safety online intact. The most recent report from Center for Strategic and International Studies or CSIS found out that most computer hackers have gone to steal personal details of more than 40 million Americans. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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globe2Washington – Just a couple from now, the nation will again celebrate the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), which starts on October 1, yet again, the nation is set to establish a global massive effort that would impact the lives of many internet users towards the importance of cyber security and safety. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) together with the National Cyber Security Alliance founded and now leads NCSAM. All individuals and companies of all sizes as well as educational institutions and NGO’s (non-profit organizations) will surely be encouraged and motivated to increase their familiarity with their safety online.

NCSAM calls for one to protect their personal information. Michael Kaiser, NCSA’s Executive Director said that it is virtually impossible for any person or entity to manage their responsibilities and lives without the involvement of internet. People and businesses shop and market their products or services online. For more information regarding this post, go to the source

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Screen-globeEveryone, even for huge and powerful countries to make it happen overnight. In the U.S., states are It seems like cybersecurity should not be taken for granted and there is no definite short cut for still struggling about the new cyber threat that roams between private and public sector. Meanwhile, China is being held responsible for a major digital theft in the U.S. that exposed millions of worker’s information. The issue is seen to taint the relationship between two powerhouse countries.

After these two major events in cybersecurity, federal, state government, and private sectors’stand in fighting against cybercrime are under evaluation.

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mail2Cyber security is such a common phrase nowadays. The fact that major cases of corporate data attacks is frequently happening all over the world, it is important that you let yourself be familiar with online risks. However, the nation’s freight sector is still exposed to cyber criminals due to the wealth and the victims from whom they can steal money. Warehouses, 3Pl’s and carriers all hurry up and tries hard to keep up with today’s technology curve, most of them overlooked simple security measures.

The reason behind is most of them are utilizing several systems with susceptible gaps, leading to miss areas of opportunities to increase their online protection. During an interview by Fleet Owner, the Vice President of Information Security for the Descartes Systems Group, Mr. Matt Foroughi said that it is essential that they stay up to date with essential security measures. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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