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computer2Adallom, a California-based cloud cybersecurity company was acquired by Microsoft, as confirmed by the later. The acquisition is expected to address the growing number of cybercrime nowadays. Adallom started in 2012 by the Israeli Intelligence Corps. It’s headquartered in Palo Alto with regional office in Israel

According to news analysis, this is one of the largest purchases of Microsoft, although the two companies did not disclose the real value of the acquisition.Adallom’sis Microsoft’s latest cloud acquisitionafter Azure, its previous cloud platform. Compared to Azure, Adallom does not only work with cloud products but also with GoogleApps and business apps such as Salesforce

Source: CNBC

With news about cyber crime and security breaches becoming rampant, it is very important to keep up with the measures needed to keep your information safe.  Among these methods include using two-factor authentication to prevent other people to change your passwords and accessing your account. It is also important to encrypt all devices and pertinent information.

Getting jailbroken devices out of the market will keep hackers from getting into company’s data security. You also need to keep your anti-virus and firewall updated to block ads that may lead to untrusted sites. Lastly, it is very important to keep your software updated to maximize software and device security.

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UK Cyber Security Report says that small businesses are frequent victims of cybercrime and that there are actually simple ways to fight it. Among these steps include educating the team and making them aware of the possible security breaches that they may encounter Collective effort from all business units is necessary to fight cybercrime. It is also suggested to always keep a data back up in case of information theft. It is also important that members of the organization know the potential wreck that USB ticks can bring. Lastly, invest on updated software and anti-virus to keep devices and information safe.

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globe2China’s ‘cleaning the internet’ operation led to the arrest of15, 000 suspects who are allegedly involved in several internet crimes such as network attacks, website infringement, and online frauds, according to the Ministry of Public Security.   The program has investigated more than 7400 cybercrime cases and 66,000 websites since July, which involved numerous website hacking. Among other cases include SMS hacking and spreading virus over text messages and Wi-Fi zones, which are very similar to some of the previous year’s cases. Chinese cyber authorities have ceased 758,000 of illegal information and have inspected more than 70,000 cases of cybercrime in 2015.

Source: Naked Security

Computer-ErrorHow do you keep yourself safe online? One is to use strong passwords, something to prevent you from experiencing any hacking incident. Each account should have a different password, but avoid settling for weak, easy-to-guess ones.  Activate two-factor authentication if it is offered. In this case, a cyber criminal will not be able to get into your account unless they can get their hand on your Smartphone.  Two, choose a cloud service to protect your data better. Read the full list of tips from the source.

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globe2Online gift cards seem to be perfect gifts on the recent holiday season. However, much caution should be placed when cashing them in using public Wi-Fi.

Hotspots as they are known, restaurants, bars, library, and other public places have put up free wireless internet access to people who frequent these establishments. Those who are just too happy to have free access oftentimes forget that these networks mostly lack proper security which makes users vulnerable against cyber- attacks. Online shopping should be a rewarding and fun experience but doing it on a public Wi-Fi will only cause a humiliation, disappointment, and a huge damage to your accounts.

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Security experts of Cyber Monday warned online users to be more vigilant on cyber security. As one of the most widely used online shopping, Cyber Monday understands the holiday shopping rush of customers – something that cyber criminals take advantage of.  According to them, consumers can be safe when shopping online if they shop from legit stores only. They must also use secured connections and avoid public Wi-Fi where security breaches happen.

Consumers are also advised to use strong different passwords in different accounts. Passwords must be kept safe at all times. Businesses and consumers must stay safe, as no criminals take holiday breaks.  ‘

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globe2Many security experts marked 2014 as the year of security breach – especially for online shopping stores. According to them, most victims of security breach are associated with weak passwords. Security expert Krista Montie of the Center for Internet Security said the online users should be more vigilant and creative in protecting their data.

Use strong passwords and store them in a safe place where no one would get the idea of it – not in a notepad or sticky note on your desktop! Use a coding system in creating stronger passwords that are easy to memorize but tough for hackers to predict.

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Computer-ErrorSecurity experts, large and small businesses, public and private individuals are all fighting a common attack today: online security assaults. With cyber attacks being one of the widely discussed concerns today, security experts gives tips to all online users on how to stay secured and safe from all these attacks.

First is to be aware: in everything including privacy policies. Next is to understand how social media works: especially the sharing stuff. And speaking of share, one must know what to share and what not to share. Authenticating log in and passwords is the next step and the last but not the least, educate yourself and those people important to you.

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globe2Google is into a wide campaign for online security – an advocacy it passes to the students of Whittier Middle School. Google is aware that middle school kids cover a huge population that uses social media platforms. In the company-sponsored event, Google presented simple but sure secured tips to the young users such as creating strong passwords, keeping them private and keeping devices clean and safe from bugs.

In the presentation, the company also cleared the accusations about the company invading personal privacy middle school students. It has been noted that Google has removed all its advertisements from its educational apps.

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