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Computer-MouseWith holiday around the corner, people will be shopping for presents in one of the most convenient stores – online. For a safe and convenient shopping online, make sure that you don’t fall in the hands of cybercriminals. Consider the following tips: First, be vigilant on your surrounding and avoid exposing your device from strangers – this is why it is best to use secured connections with VPN rather than public Wi-Fi. Also, make sure that you visit secured websites by checking the URL and padlock icon at the address bar. And lastly, ensure that your OS and browsers are updated as well as the antivirus for a more secured device.

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Computer-WarningOnline shopping is such a big hit today due to its convenience. However, it also opens an avenue for cybercriminals to take part, especially with huge amount of money at stake. Here are few practical tips for a safe online shopping.

First, you need to stick with your trusted brand – the one with good reputation when it comes to online selling and customer satisfaction. Next, use credit card for more secured payment, as debit cards are more vulnerable.  It is advised to use secured websites, the ones with https URL and a symbol of padlock for safety. Do not give in to impossible offers and make sure to use secured connections instead of Wi-Fi.

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Today’s cyber-attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, often infiltrating into network databases with well-planned point of attacks. According to resources, this makes them even harder to detect, especially for those who tend to neglect security issues or threats. McAfee’s most recent report indicates that cybercriminals are almost always able to slam into security holes. In addition, they report that majority of active email users cannot detect phishing attacks. Due to the continuously evolving ways of cybercriminals to hack into personal or company databases, it has been reported that the global cybercrime cost has reached $1 trillion and is truly on the rise as most experts foresee.  For more information about this post, go to the resource.

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Computer-MouseComic-Con 2015 in San Diego issued tips on how to battle against cybercriminals. These tips help internet users to safeguard their devices and information from malicious malware attacks. The first tip is to ensure that you use secured Wi-Fi spots. Refrain from using public Wi-Fi, or avoid sharing confidential information using these connections. It is also important to turn off Bluetooth and NFC connection as you can accidentally share and send information using those ports. People must refrain from using public charging stations, or might as well use personal USB chord. For lost devices, report them immediately to delete all necessary information. Lastly, update malware and security software for protection.

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Cyber Security Tips for 2015

globe2Various forms of cybercrime are still going to be a problem on the New Year. Good thing some organizations have taken liberty on providing security tips to maintain safety when using the internet.

It always pays to be more aware of the need to be secure on the internet. Being vigilant on different types of scams, regular changing of passwords, and being careful on what are accessed and downloaded on the internet will definitely help one become less vulnerable against cyber security breach.

Malware, viruses, phishing scams, and other security threats will be a thing of the past if only proper security measures are observed by each internet user.

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Screen-exclamationReports have proven that online security breach is a real deal, especially for individuals who transact their businesses through cyber space. Is there really a way to safeguard your business and assets online?  The truth is, there is no such thing as 100%cyber-safe – whether you are using a Mac, Windows or Linux. Cybercriminals are getting sophisticated, artistic and skilled when it comes to security breach. The best and still the practical ways to ensure online security is to follow the practical ways of changing passwords frequently, using updated and trusted anti-virus, refrain from clicking hyperlinks and encrypting your important files.

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Screen-exclamationToday, most internet users do consider and think that online privacy and security is dead due to the unlawful acts of hackers and cybercriminals that continuously attack them online. Even though the government, online marketers and data aggregators seem to get their way into analyzing and gathering your personal data, experts believe that you still can be control of things when it comes to protecting your personal information. Since the NSA admitted that it’s analyzing and it is capturing metadata of every American that’s on Facebook, protecting your privacy online should still be kept in mind. Based from the December version of a Harris Interactive survey, which was commissioned by Truste, a privacy consultancy firm, more than 74% of internet users right now are concerned about their security online. According to them, that was higher by a big margin compared to last year’s results. For more information on this, go to the source.

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Online Security Risks Of 2013

The year 2013 was marked with some of the biggest breaches in security as well as data that have been compromised in history. This all signals to make some drastic changes that companies need to make regarding their company database. According to security experts at LaunchKey, initial reports show that more than 80 million of their customers are impacted by recent attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. LaunchKey’s co-founder and CEO Geoff Sanders said that it’s yet a great reminder that the current model to authenticate and to secure personal information doesn’t actually work well. The most current authentication methods no longer work as hackers have already found a way to breach them. For more information on this, go to the source.

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As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London gears up to become the most “social” games yet, hackers and cybercriminals are expected to pose a huge concern for users on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“Social media will be a major vehicle for Olympics-related fraud this year,” Angel Grant, senior manager of anti-fraud solutions at security and risk-management company RSA, told Mashable.

“Thousands of people already follow the games via social channels, and fraudsters worldwide are eager to leverage the interest around the Olympics to launch cyber attacks with the goal of stealing personal information.”

To prevent social media accounts from being comprised, security firms are urging users to use caution when clicking on links that are allegedly sent from the site itself.

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