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globe2In order to keep your data protected whenever you are travelling, appropriate steps must be taken. One step to remember is to lock your device all the time unless you’re using it. If left unattended, your phone might be accessed by unathorized persons. Second, be cautious of public Wi-Fi, public computers, and public ATMs. Security bugs and other online security threats often lurk in publicly available devices. Third, turn off geolocation and geo-tagging features. Seriously, the whole world doesn’t need to know where you currently are. Lastly, employ added protection for all your devices by updating your apps and installing antivirus software.

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globe2Due to recent security breaches, including those of the White House, Sony and Target, everyone is looking for ways on how to improve security. If large businesses could be targets, then what more less secure smaller businesses could be? If you own a small business, then you must also develop your security plan and find the right tools to suit your needs and your budget. One to use is FCC Small Biz Cyber Planning, an online resource helping small businesses in creating customized cyber security plans and allowing them to choosing menu of expert advice in addressing their specific business and concerns. For a complete list of tools to use, check out this news story.

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MailEverything can be done online—shopping, banking, even managing any business. With these transactions, better data security is necessary to avoid internet scams like fraudulent credit card use and identity theft.

Changing passwords regularly, investing on anti-virus software and other computer security measures, and choosing secure sites are just some of the foolproof ways of being secure online. These fraud protection measures will ensure a peaceful usage of the internet no matter how delicate the information you give. This will also make you focus on more important aspects of the online transactions and be more confident on taking the advantage of doing everything online.

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Tips to Avoid Online Scammers

Screen-exclamationThis holiday is a season for big deal sales. With all online shops offering big cut prices, how can you tell a genuine one from a scam? Security experts have tips for voucher and sale hunters:

When transacting online, avoid disclosing significant information such as names and addresses, passwords and history. Every consumer must be mindful of the names of sellers published online. Transact with legitimate sellers only and be vigilant on third party resellers. Look for sender’s emails, address, logo and how they compose messages. Look for the URL in the website bar and do not click untrusted links.

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CRM data proposed ways to protect users’ data from online hackers. First one must understand the boundaries of his or her task and this goes to everyone else in the company. Each individual must have technological knowledge and responsibility. Next is designing ways such as encrypting the data and data storage and choosing the right encryption.

Data can be protected by conducting timely audit and detecting abnormal behavior for possible threat or potential security breach. Next is securing connection by using safe connection like VPN. Users must also pay attention to using of mobile devices such as smartphones. And the last but not the least, secure a backup.

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Safety Shopping Tips Online

globe2The Internet proves to become a helpful tool to free any boundaries set by geographical locations. This is more evident when you’re shopping online. With it, you entrust your information to someone you don’t know like your credit card and personal information like your tax identity and contact information. When you do this, you must ensure that you do some research of your own regarding the online company you’re dealing with. One thing that you could do is to avoid debits, rather, choose credit. For more information regarding this, check out the source.

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Safe Online Shopping Tips

Computer-ErrorYear after year, most people are looking to do their shopping online and spend billions of dollars on it. If you think that your transactions online are always safe, think again. You have to face the reality that cyber criminals are always on the hunt to stealing your hard-earned money. To avoid getting it stolen, always seek to check the website of the retailer to see if it is secured. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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USABased from newly-disclosed studies, the US National Security Agency, NSA, is still the main player when it comes to protecting users on their everyday use of the Internet. The agency is known for its long-standing war using its major tools in keeping the private lives of users on the web. They use supercomputers, court order, technical trickery and behind the scene persuasions. NSA is also known to protect the banking systems as well as the global commerce and to secure confidential and private data including medical records and trade secrets. To know more how the NSA protects your details from the prying eyes of hackers and frauds, check out the post from SMH.com.

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