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Security Tools for Small Businesses

Due to recent security breaches, including those of the White House, Sony and Target, everyone is looking for ways on how to improve security. If large businesses could be targets, then what more less secure smaller businesses...

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Tips to Avoid Online Scammers

This holiday is a season for big deal sales. With all online shops offering big cut prices, how can you tell a genuine one from a scam? Security experts have tips for voucher and sale hunters: When transacting online, avoid...

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Protect CRM Data from Malicious Hackers

CRM data proposed ways to protect users’ data from online hackers. First one must understand the boundaries of his or her task and this goes to everyone else in the company. Each individual must have technological knowledge and...

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Safety Shopping Tips Online

The Internet proves to become a helpful tool to free any boundaries set by geographical locations. This is more evident when you’re shopping online. With it, you entrust your information to someone you don’t know like your...

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Safe Online Shopping Tips

Year after year, most people are looking to do their shopping online and spend billions of dollars on it. If you think that your transactions online are always safe, think again. You have to face the reality that cyber criminals...

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