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onlinesecure4Most Americans prefer online shopping this holiday for convenience. But there are tips to consider in order to stay safe when shopping online. Among these tips, include using secured connections and not the free Wi-Fi’s. Also, make sure to you use legitimate websites and official apps. When paying for online purchases, use credit cards and not debit cards. You can also use online payments using your phone, as they are safe from duplication. When using your phone, make sure that it is properly locked for safety. And the last but not the least, make sure that you check you statement of accounts and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

Source: USA Today

Computer-WarningOnline shopping is such a big hit today due to its convenience. However, it also opens an avenue for cybercriminals to take part, especially with huge amount of money at stake. Here are few practical tips for a safe online shopping.

First, you need to stick with your trusted brand – the one with good reputation when it comes to online selling and customer satisfaction. Next, use credit card for more secured payment, as debit cards are more vulnerable.  It is advised to use secured websites, the ones with https URL and a symbol of padlock for safety. Do not give in to impossible offers and make sure to use secured connections instead of Wi-Fi.

Source: We Live Security


security1Identity theft is a federal crime that the government has been trying to solve for years. The recent breach at JP Morgan Chase & Co. that leaked millions of individual and businesses’ information created panic over online consumers. How can they protect themselves from ID theft especially this season?

Security experts warned users about fake websites. Always look for the URL in the website tab and do not click untrusted sources. ID theft usually happens when someone stole your card information that’s why you must keep it safe all the time – whether traveling or in a café. Avoid using your debit cards.

Source: usatoday.com