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MailIn the online gaming world, the term “spam” takes an entirely different meaning from the “spam” usually associated with posts and e-mails. Basically, it occurs when a gamer, playing a certain character, uses that character’s attacks over and over again in an attempt to achieve victory over the opponent. In Mortal Kombat X, this is exactly the case. Jacqui Briggs, a new character, has an attack called the “Hand Cannon”. Using this attack which is both powerful and easy to maneuver, players can win easily during matches. This, of course, resulted to a number of boring matches which prompted some players to complain. Check out Game Rant to know more about this story.

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mail2Brien Mc Elhatten of ‘The List’ talks about Ransomware, what it is and how much it will cost you. According to his conversation with a tech expert from Data Doctors, Ken Colburn, it all starts with an email. The content of the email is so deceptive that there’s a very high possibility that the recipient will undoubtedly click the link on the email. And once the link has been clicked, all files in your computer will be encrypted and scrambled by a hacker. The worst part is that the only way to get your files back is to pay a hefty ransom which can reach up to 1,500 dollars.

Source: ABC Action News

Computer-ErrorWestport Police warns the Westport community about to be aware of a email sent to recipients to steal credit-card information. The email was said to have originated in Connecticut, New York City.

The news surfaced when the Westport Police received a report about a resident calling to update his credit card data through online payments. In a report in Westport-news.com, it has been proven that the email wasn’t from a government office from the town. This report immediately called the community’s attention regarding a phishing organization in town.   Police are in pursuit to trace where the said email was from.

Source: Spam Fighter

Bitcoin Phishing Scam Spreading

security1It costs 100 bitcoins for Bitcoin Reserve when its co-founder fell into a phishing scam. It was after the Marshals Service accidentally directed a send-to-all email to possible bidders for the bitcoins. The email as leaked to the press and then eventually fell into the wrong hands of a Linda Jackson, who claimed to be affiliated with BitFilm Production and sent emails to the same group of bidders. Numerous individuals including Pantera Capital and Bitcoin Shop have confirmed that they received such phishing email. The email retrieved contained links to access user’s email information. Marshals Service and BitFilm Production denied such communication and asked the public to contact authorities.

Source: WSJ

Fake Google Docs Out

mail2Google Docs users are in danger for phishing frauds due to phishing emails sent using the google.com domain and making use of the site’s SSL encryption. Malicious subject lines include “Documents.” When you log into the fake Google Docs page, your information will b e submitted on a compromised server. Check out the complete version of the story from the source.

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