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The Year of The Shaken Trust

“The Year of the Shaken Trust”—it is how Vincent Weafer, McAfee Labs senior vice president, described 2014 due to the hacking of iCloud and Sony nuke leak and that Vietnam is not exempted. Part of the story, on November 24 of...

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Tips to Avoid Online Scammers

This holiday is a season for big deal sales. With all online shops offering big cut prices, how can you tell a genuine one from a scam? Security experts have tips for voucher and sale hunters: When transacting online, avoid...

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How to Spot a Phishing Email

How can you spot a phishing email? Is there a way to do that? As you may already know, phishing emails may steal your credit and personal information. One way to stay out of those phishing emails is to make sure that your spam...

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