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Cyber crime is estimated to cost $445 billion dollars annually, revealed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. And as small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) grow in number so does the hackers that take opportunity from the fact that most SMBs usually have weak security. Furthermore, studies show that more than ninety percent of security breaches are due to the error of employees. Therefore, one tip that small businesses should follow is to establish a strategy on security management. SMBs should choose security that is suitable to the nature of their business. Read more tips on online security on Entrepreneur.

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MailDespite corporate warnings and efforts to educate clients, employees and employers about phishing (the act of obtaining business and personal information through internet), banks are still susceptible to this illegal activity. As the matter of fact, malware attacks become more aggressive than before. It was reported in ‘The Invisible Web Unmasked’ that in the period of July to September 2013, over 200,000 cyber attacks occurred. Online community and privacy advocates point out that employers, employees and stakeholders should develop awareness campaigns and strengthen their online protection to combat these illegal activities. It also pays to be vigilant about unfamiliar links that people see online.

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Online users are very vulnerable to cybercrimes such as stolen credentials and cyber attacks. But how could enterprises protect their end users if majority of the personnel working within the company are not trained to do this in the first place?   In a study called “Security Awareness Training: Not Just for Compliance” conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) among companies with 100-10,000 employees, it has been concluded that most social engineering attacks are caused by employees with lack of Security Awareness Training (SAT) and the companies underrating behavior about it. For more details, visit CSO.

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IRS Tips On Identity Thefts

Computer-WarningJust a few weeks after the recent database attack at Target including credit card information, there have been many emails that have been sent out from the website of credit card companies. These emails indicate what they were doing in order to fight these types of incidents. On the other hand, according to the Internal Revenue Service, you can also be a victim of identity thefts when you’re processing tax returns. The said agency has doubled their staff that aims to battle and handle identity cases. This has been done since last year, which brings the total to about 3,000. Aside from that, they have about 35,000 employees working with any taxpayer to handle and recognize identity as it occurs. For more about this story, check out the source.

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