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Computer-MouseGoogle hires its new security chief to oversee the company’s security and privacy policies and procedures.Gerhard Eschelbeck is a native of Austria and has assumed numerous positions – all related to privacy and security of internet users.

Eschelbeck deems to strengthen and straighten the security path of the company to protect its users from cyber criminals. In his inaugural speech, Eschelbeck said that security is about looking forward to the future and planning ahead.

He now manages Google’s over 500 privacy and security and teams feels excited to apply his knowledge and expertise to make significant contributions to the company and its clients.

Source: UK News

Screen-exclamationMicrosoft sees that a decent security support for its devices will hold the loyalty of their customers and prevent them from shifting to its rivals, particularly Google.

In one of the company conferences, Microsoft launched its innovative security services, stating how its competitor Google neglects security of its customers. Microsoft’s executive vice president, Terry Myerson stated how the competitor exposes its clients to the vulnerability of cyber hacking with its uncontrolled software updates.

Among Windows 10 security features are scheduled updates, the Device Guard to limit machine applications, controlled unauthorized data duplication, the Azure Rights Management Services against unauthorized access and Advanced Threat Analytics to observe the series of activities in case of cyber-attacks.

Source: CS Online

globe2According to Greatfire.org, statements made by Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft contained allegations showing that China was behind the cyber attack operations. The attacks involved the use of an unauthorized intermediary illegally harvesting data traffic that included passwords. Beijing, however, dismissed the allegations and asked firms worldwide to improve and strengthen their online security. Instead of owning up, Beijing usually describes itself as not a criminal, but a victim of hacking. Hua Chunying, China’s foreign ministry representative said that all parties should abandon throwing accusations at each other without concrete proof. In addition, she said that the parties involved should instead focus on maintaining cyber security.

Source: Interaksyon

security Tech giant, Google, is dropping support for Chinese internet security certificates following a trust breach. It revealed that it would no longer recognize the security certificates issued by the China Internet Network Information Centre due to a major public confidence and trust breach. The CNNIC called the move “unacceptable.”

Source: SCMP

Computer-MouseAll you have to do is check Google’s online security settings on or before February 17 to get another 2GB storage in your Google Drive, if they review their online security settings before Feb. 17. If you missed the deadline, do not worry because it will be automatically granted to you on the 28th.

Google Drive launched this promoin celebration of the Safer Internet Day with the theme “Let’s create a better Internet together.” This is also Google’s token of appreciation to all its avid users who have been supporting the product since its inception. Hurry! Have your online storage checked up today.

Source: GMA Network


globe2With the massive online hacking today, biometrics security gains strength in the market. Biometricsecurity, which majority include fingerprinting, iris scanning and facial or voice recognition was availed by most mobile techs such as Apple for their Touch ID iPhones and Samsung.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have been advising users to refrain from using simple passwords, as they are the key to online hacking problems – something that even huge firms are not excused from.

Biometric security takes charge, however, some experts fear that compromised devices such as credit cards with fingerprints on it can also lead to identity compromising – something that biometric providers need to improve.

Source: Daily Mail


computer2Google has been releasing a few tips to enhance online safety of their users and with its new set of tips; a user will be able to keep his accounts safe and help someone else by sharing the knowledge.

The new section offers simple safety information, which introduces new users to basic security features such as the importance of using PINs on different devices and all about the Android Device Manager. This is useful to develop security habits among Google users and the page can be sent to other people via a share button so that they can also be aware about it and with the other Google security tips that was previously released.

Source: Lifehacker

globe2Google is into a wide campaign for online security – an advocacy it passes to the students of Whittier Middle School. Google is aware that middle school kids cover a huge population that uses social media platforms. In the company-sponsored event, Google presented simple but sure secured tips to the young users such as creating strong passwords, keeping them private and keeping devices clean and safe from bugs.

In the presentation, the company also cleared the accusations about the company invading personal privacy middle school students. It has been noted that Google has removed all its advertisements from its educational apps.

Source: argusleader.com