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Computer-MouseTech toys are among kids’ wish lists this holiday season. But parents should be warned that even tech toys are subject to online hacking. In a recent report, millions of children have been victimized by online attack on a tech toy manufacturer, Vtech Holdings Ltd. In relation to this, experts advised users to be careful on depositing personal information online and when you do, make sure you use a secured connection. It is also advised to verify the legitimacy of the company or toy manufacturer. Users are also strongly encouraged to be cautious when disclosing any information when purchasing online.

Source: CBC

security1Holiday season is the busiest season for online shopping. This is also the season when cybercriminals get active to stealing personal information. On this account, experts encourage users to protect their personal data and avoid clicking links sent via emails. It is also advised to verify merchant first before payment. You can also use tech apps for secured payments.

For credit card users, you can use a specific card just for holiday shopping. And lastly, it pays to check your statement of account to spot any suspicious amount or purchase you did not do. If such thing happens, notify your bank immediately.

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globe2As Christmas season approaches, some people prefer the convenience of online shopping. But there are things you must consider to keep you safe from fraud, which also roams around this season. Among these tips include being aware of ‘too good to be true’ deals. Scams may come in many forms but they are not reviewed mostly.

Look for genuine and safe online stores. Use private and secured connections when making payment and purchases. Review your account settings regularly. It is also advised to keep your personal information safe and change passwords regularly. It is also better to have a low credit limit on credit cards.

Source: Global News

ReadingMany people enjoy the convenience of online shopping – especially during the holiday season. However, online shoppers should be vigilant, as possibility of online breach is not taken out of the picture. Experts from Digitaria shared tips on how to get protected while shopping online.

Use legit online payment systems to protect your money and vital financial information. Try using a password manager to manage passwords and minimize the possibility of password hacking. Use secured mobile apps that partner with legit cash companies.Update to a more secured browser to protect your device and system. Lastly, secure financial information like credit card numbers safely – not on a website.

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Screen-exclamationGreat deals are all over online shops during this holidayseason. But be careful with each transaction, as you might be vulnerable from online security breach. Experts posted tips on how to stay safe online in the midst of holiday online shopping. The tips are the ones you commonly hear like refrain from using debit card and using difficult passwords, securing your devices through VPN, and other applications like device locators. It is advised to disable your automatic WiFi connection as this may give hackers a chance to get into your account.  Above all, mindfulness and vigilance are still the best keys to stay safe online.

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