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Screen-exclamationWith the crowded streets and malls, people opted to shop online this holiday season. However, it also makes them vulnerable to cybercrimes. OCIO shares some safety tips on how to stay secured when shopping online this holiday season. Among these tips, include safeguarding information such as credit card details and other personal info. It is discouraged to use free and public Wi-Fi, as they are not secured network, especially when it comes to online purchasing. Experts advise customers to shop at trusted and few online stores during holidays to track purchasing activities. It is also advised to monitor your account for any suspicious activity.

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onlinesecure4Most Americans prefer online shopping this holiday for convenience. But there are tips to consider in order to stay safe when shopping online. Among these tips, include using secured connections and not the free Wi-Fi’s. Also, make sure to you use legitimate websites and official apps. When paying for online purchases, use credit cards and not debit cards. You can also use online payments using your phone, as they are safe from duplication. When using your phone, make sure that it is properly locked for safety. And the last but not the least, make sure that you check you statement of accounts and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

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globe2Although October ended as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, November is a great time to introduce security measures for the holidays. The awareness campaign for this pre-holiday season is marked by security experts and advisors to keep the public safe from online hacking and information phishing.

Experts still encourage everyone to join the campaign and be safe. They also encourage companies to launch pre-holiday messages to their employees inspiring them to stay safe online – whether it is at work or even at home. It is also important to keep employees aware of current scams, stay away from them, and prevent further damages.

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security1Identity theft is a federal crime that the government has been trying to solve for years. The recent breach at JP Morgan Chase & Co. that leaked millions of individual and businesses’ information created panic over online consumers. How can they protect themselves from ID theft especially this season?

Security experts warned users about fake websites. Always look for the URL in the website tab and do not click untrusted sources. ID theft usually happens when someone stole your card information that’s why you must keep it safe all the time – whether traveling or in a café. Avoid using your debit cards.

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Security experts of Cyber Monday warned online users to be more vigilant on cyber security. As one of the most widely used online shopping, Cyber Monday understands the holiday shopping rush of customers – something that cyber criminals take advantage of.  According to them, consumers can be safe when shopping online if they shop from legit stores only. They must also use secured connections and avoid public Wi-Fi where security breaches happen.

Consumers are also advised to use strong different passwords in different accounts. Passwords must be kept safe at all times. Businesses and consumers must stay safe, as no criminals take holiday breaks.  ‘

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Screen-exclamationGreat deals are all over online shops during this holidayseason. But be careful with each transaction, as you might be vulnerable from online security breach. Experts posted tips on how to stay safe online in the midst of holiday online shopping. The tips are the ones you commonly hear like refrain from using debit card and using difficult passwords, securing your devices through VPN, and other applications like device locators. It is advised to disable your automatic WiFi connection as this may give hackers a chance to get into your account.  Above all, mindfulness and vigilance are still the best keys to stay safe online.

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Computer-WarningThe holidays are fast approaching and all internet retailers are preparing for a massive traffic on the web. That is quite great so long as they know how to keep their customers satisfied and safe. Any downtime from a malicious attack or an outage from their website would most definitely have a great impact on the retailer’s revenue and reputation.  What internet retailers should do is to keep a tight security measure. They can do this by preparing for the worst and planning for the best, also by improving on their infrastructure.

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