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Computer-ErrorSmall businesses are susceptible to cyber attacks, causing them thousands of dollars and putting their business at risk. The following security tips are specially designed for SMBs.

First, do not assume security in all your transactions so keep all your pertinent information safe at all times. Second, make sure to perform password alteration in a regular basis. If you ran out of ideas, you can use an app to help you in password creation and management. And last but not the least; try using Open Source solutions if possible, as it is easier to detect security flaws in these solutions.

Source: Tech Republic

security1For the coming school year, it is vital and a must for every family to polish their online safety as well as to the means to ensure that they get to stay safe no matter what they do online. Whether it is a simple task of researching for school discounts or searching for information regarding a student’s assignments, one must always be cautious about what they click on or visit online. Here are some tips that can protect you and your family this school year.

The first thing that you can do is to connect to websites with utmost care, especially when you are shopping for school supplies or accessories. You must also see to it that you get to protect your personal information, which means that you need to pay attention to the information you give out and who you are giving it to online. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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MailIdentity theft is often the most disastrous thing that could happen when shopping online. With the large number of people preferring this method of buying items, experts have identified the risks as well as the solutions to common online fraud.

Chances of becoming a victim is reduced when shoppers avoid to shop via links sent to emails no matter how legitimate they look like. It is safer to access the site itself by typing the address on the browser. The set of tips also advices not to shop using free Wi-Fi establishments that may be harvesting information and to use credit cards instead of debit cards that are linked to other banking accounts.

Taking these controllable measures will ensure a safer online shopping experience.

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globe2The news about hacking intimate celebrity photos questioned smartphone users on how safe their gadgets are with the technological advancement that cloud-based storage systems offer. Brian Westbrook, King Five’s technology reporter, has simple tips for you. First, make sure that you know the limitation of sharing information in your cloud-storage. Second, use the strongest passwords possible by combining characters and numeric symbols. It is supported by the third tip which is refrain from using the same passwords on different platforms such as emails. Changing passwords as often as possible also reduces the chance of being hacked. Always perform authentication and check your online financial accounts.

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10-11-2012-12-59-05-AMIn the purpose of combatting online security breach, Google launched ‘Project Zero’, an initiative based on the company’s current security protocols. The main objective of Project Zero is to fight online users who are exploiting bugs and malware to hack computers, get pertinent information, spy on conversations and penetrate communications. Chris Evans, a Google researcher, wrote that Project Zero is an innovative venture which will not be exclusive to Google products alone. Evans confirmed that the project does not hold bounds and aims to work and improve security of any software. With this step, IT security experts look forward to a spy-free cyberspace.

Source: EWeek

Computer-WarningAre you quite familiar with Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption? Well, most recently one of its creators believes that in the future, internet security will make everyday users get the shorter end of the stick. The US National Security Agency or NSA has more likely compromised the foremost method of encryption in the internet which is SSL. What it means is that the NSA will be able to view every email message that you have, regardless of the thought that you’re under any suspicion from the government.

SSL as we have been used to, is a form of encrypting all of the sensitive data that you do have online. The best example of it would be when you’re paying with your credit card online; SSL ensures that your information are protected from third parties. To get more information about this, go to Tom’s Guide.

Source: Tom’s Guide

Based on latest news from Information Security Breaches, there are almost 87% reports from small businesses who have suffered security breach this year. The cost of a security breach is not a small amount, it is one huge money that can affect entrepreneurs in more ways than one. These breaches do not have to keep on happening, it can be prevented. There are basic steps that have to be done and have been done by several organizations to improve their online security and to protect their valued assets. The following are some of the steps that small entrepreneurs can do to protect their dealings.

Know your assets and who to delegate it. In any business, it is imperative to know the things that must be protected and to give the job of protecting these things to the most responsible person in the bunch. Most often than not, the responsibility is given to the senior manager since they have the knowledge of the risks if the security goes down and they know how to face them.

Also it is always best to keep on recording and testing your security and to educate your people how to do it. In this manner, you are always updated and protected.

Source: Economia