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globe2UFCU shared some of its security tips for parents to keep their children safe from malicious malware, viruses and keep them from sharing confidential information when using the internet.

Among these tips include talking to children the uses and limitation of the internet as early as possible. It is also important to maintain an open communication with kids about their concerns including what is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to using the internet. And lastly, do not share confidential information such as messages, photos, banking information unless you are 100% sure that the network you use is safe and secured.

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BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

Considered to be one of the best antivirus programs that exists, the BitDefender 2015 has high end and top notch security specs that is unparalleled and of course comes at a relatively cheaper price (for the full version). BitDefender 2105 has a very impressive software system that definitely outdoes its previous versions.

A full investment on a properly working and highly effective virus scanner and computer protector, as a matter of fact, it is also suggested that you have multiple virus programs just to make sure that you are protected. Don’t leave your computer at risk; see how BitDefender 2105 can help your computer and your work from future harm:

  • Protects your device from malware

Malicious software—from the name alone, you have to hate it. It is one of the most infectious, most infamous system bugs on your computer. Why are they malicious? Because the computer does not easily detect it, therefore making your device more prone to damage. BitDefender 2015 scores high with Malware detection and removal.

  • Secures yourself and your family

BitDefender not only offers virus protection but also security for your internet usage. Most of the information we type on our computers are not the ones we would like to share with the rest of the world. BitDefender 2105 scans your internet activity and prevents spywares that may share unwanted information. This also alerts you against online scammers that may wipe out your entire bank account.

  • Lets you use high performance software

That requires you nothing at all! This highly efficient software scans, detects, protects and quarantines at an ultra-fast rate no matter what operating system you are using. The beauty of BitDefender 2105 is that it adapts to your device, meaning it will not consume all your PC’s work power just to scan and to work effectively. It partitions its task usage effectively, which therefore, doesn’t slow down your computer. And all you have to do is installing.


Also enhanced:

  • Parental controls
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • One-step payments
  • Safe online banking and shopping

Continuously awarded as one of the best anti-virus programs in terms of system development and system speed and protection capability, this software system is no waste of money; the BitDefender 2015 is a good investment when it comes to protecting your devices and your family, even while you’re asleep.

Get your BitDefender 2015 today, or upgrade here. You can also get BitDefender for Mac.

Screen-exclamationBoardroom meeting between board members and security executives addressing security can be a battle between two worlds with different beliefs. Each side has its own goal: to achieve business’ goal, only in two different ways. But these differences can be reconciled with open communication.  It is imperative that all board members, security executives and all concerned individuals have a clear understanding about one common goal: to keep the company secured from cybercriminals at all times. Deliver this idea through an open communication and clear understanding of the risk and he context of the situation. Lastly, always emphasize its value to the company in the future.

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The breaking news about OpenSSL being hacked by Heartbleed caused panic to many Internet users. OpenSSL is used in several online services such as Web servers, mobile applications, operating systems, routers and email clients. According to Forbes cybersecurity columnist Joseph Steinberg, this is the worst susceptibility found when we talk about potential impact. OpenSSL defenselessness may affect banks, stores and communication companies that require significant personal information such as credit cards, phone numbers and social security numbers. Companies are encouraged to strengthen their privacy to secure and protect data as well as inform their clients, users and employees to practice the safe use of the Internet. Read more from the source.

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Screen-exclamationAre you eager to know the latest and most up-to-date tool that you can use to battle keyloggers as well as Trojans to protect your PC from constant threats? Just recently, Kaspersky has released the 2014 version of their internet security software. According to them, this new tool can help protect your PC from cybercrimes or hackers aiming to steal your personal information to wreak havoc onto your computer.  According to its developers, their latest version of the anti-virus suite, Internet Security 2014 would provide users an added functionality and boosted protection for various attacks on the internet. For more on this news, go to the source.

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Making Wi-Fi Safe

computer2Today, people are into Wi-Fi hotspots. They would always take advantage of spots or locations where they can connect to the web. These hotspots are often unsecured and open which make them vulnerable to attacks from viruses and malware. Connecting to it is truly worth a lot of risk. In this post, you’d get to know how you could ensure that the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connecting to is secure enough. First thing that you can do is to select the most secured connection. Normally, secure connections use encryptions before you can connect to them. To know more about this, go to the source.

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Start the year bright and right with guaranteed BitDefender antivirus protection! Getting your total Internet and PC protection does not need to be expensive. BitDefender believes that, so it presents its latest offerings this month as it comes on sale at incredibly low prices.

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  • BitDefender Antivirus Plus 3-Users: $27.00
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Grab your BitDefender, the software that works while you’re asleep! Stay tuned for the latest updates on this remarkable PC and internet security software.

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Banking Online Safely

computer2Banking online is a common solution to do financial transactions in this overly wired world. However, what’s the guarantee for safety? When it comes to security, using an Ethernet link is better than a Wi-Fi. In connection, you should not trust any third party hot spots when banking online. For protection, you should keep your entire security system updated for your browser and your operating system. To learn more about banking safely online, check out the source.

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Screen-exclamationMicrosoft warns about security updates according to one official from the firm. With more than 22 percent of users in Bahrain running Windows XP, he said that people are attackable by malwares including Trojans.

They are advised to upgrade to Windows 7 or eight before the year ends, as support will end for older operating systems soon. Soon, security updates will not be available on Windows XP, so it will have zero day vulnerability forever. Read the full story from the source.

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