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Addressing Security with the Board

Boardroom meeting between board members and security executives addressing security can be a battle between two worlds with different beliefs. Each side has its own goal: to achieve business’ goal, only in two different ways....

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Making Wi-Fi Safe

Today, people are into Wi-Fi hotspots. They would always take advantage of spots or locations where they can connect to the web. These hotspots are often unsecured and open which make them vulnerable to attacks from viruses and...

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Banking Online Safely

Banking online is a common solution to do financial transactions in this overly wired world. However, what’s the guarantee for safety? When it comes to security, using an Ethernet link is better than a Wi-Fi. In connection, you...

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Windows XP Support Ends Soon

Microsoft warns about security updates according to one official from the firm. With more than 22 percent of users in Bahrain running Windows XP, he said that people are attackable by malwares including Trojans. They are advised...

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New SK Law for Browser Freedom?

Although South Korea is a tech powerhouse with strong broadband connection and giant electronic companies launching new products every now and then, it’s still hanging on Internet Explorer as a choice browser (based from a...

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