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globe2Specialists from the Cabinet Office and Risk Management produced a report on March revealing that 60 percent of small-sized businesses were victims of cybercrime in 2014. It was also shown on a subsequent report that only 18 percent of businesses in the UK understand cyber security risks. In order to help businesses to be more secure, the following five tips are recommended. First, educate the people in your team. Second, always keep back up storage. Third, monitor all removable media. Fourth, communicate and work with all major parties involved. Fifth, it is important to remember that strengthening your cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Computer-MouseJune is considered as a month for many events, festivities and celebrations but it is also a month for national internet safety.  And this June, The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), together with ConnectSafely, has initialized efforts in providing measures that can strengthen users’ online security this summer and all throughout the year. On June 8 at the Cannon House Office Building, NCSA and ConnectSafely will offer a presentation that will act as a “briefing session”. On such presentation, they will provide recommendations and advices on both online and offline safety. Check out TechZone360.com for more information about the said presentation.

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Computer-ErrorHow do you keep yourself safe online? One is to use strong passwords, something to prevent you from experiencing any hacking incident. Each account should have a different password, but avoid settling for weak, easy-to-guess ones.  Activate two-factor authentication if it is offered. In this case, a cyber criminal will not be able to get into your account unless they can get their hand on your Smartphone.  Two, choose a cloud service to protect your data better. Read the full list of tips from the source.

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computer2Australian businesses are always under threat from cyber criminals who are using inherent features of their systems and infrastructure that are connected to digital networks.  Rate of cyber attacks is increasing, according to Australian Signals Directorate. It also said that the most common targets are the banking and finance, defense capability and telecommunications and resources and energy. But others never have to be complacent because criminals are also looking for an opportunity other than those listed above for carrying out fraud and theft.

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globe2Due to recent security breaches, including those of the White House, Sony and Target, everyone is looking for ways on how to improve security. If large businesses could be targets, then what more less secure smaller businesses could be? If you own a small business, then you must also develop your security plan and find the right tools to suit your needs and your budget. One to use is FCC Small Biz Cyber Planning, an online resource helping small businesses in creating customized cyber security plans and allowing them to choosing menu of expert advice in addressing their specific business and concerns. For a complete list of tools to use, check out this news story.

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Screen-exclamationHeimdal Security, online security software, released a brand new infographic that is expected to combat and shield against different online threats. The company claims that almost all computers out there are vulnerable to hidden attacks by hackers. This fact is reinforced by Menlo Security’s findings that revealed that one in five websites are using software that can easily be exploited by online criminals. Furthermore, Heimdal stated that damages caused by online threats are very costly. The cost of cyber crime around the world is estimated to exceed $100 billion US dollars annually. Read more about this story on CloudTweaks.

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globe2Internet users should face the fact that there is no such thing as absolute SECURED INTERNET because people with bad intentions always make a way to mess up with other people’s lives – and that’s a fact. No matter how many ‘safe internet apps’ experts offer, safety will always be at the users’ end.

When using the internet, make sure you ask the following questions to yourself: Who are you talking to? What you can only tell? What are the effects? Think before uploading or sharing pictures, location or providing any pertinent information. Always bear in mind: when in doubt, then don’t.

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Computer-MouseA recent study conducted by an IT performance management software vendor exposes that internal threats are just as concerning as external threats. Results include that the top concern for the federal IT agents were careless insiders followed by the general hacking community, this suggests that internal affairs are considered as more of a threat for the sample population. It is however also said that 26% of this total population consider insiders to be more damaging, the 37% more inclined to outsiders, and 38% for both. These are both unequal risks, but risks governing positions should consider spending more in regard to that high response to prevent damaging effects.

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globe2Online gift cards seem to be perfect gifts on the recent holiday season. However, much caution should be placed when cashing them in using public Wi-Fi.

Hotspots as they are known, restaurants, bars, library, and other public places have put up free wireless internet access to people who frequent these establishments. Those who are just too happy to have free access oftentimes forget that these networks mostly lack proper security which makes users vulnerable against cyber- attacks. Online shopping should be a rewarding and fun experience but doing it on a public Wi-Fi will only cause a humiliation, disappointment, and a huge damage to your accounts.

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Cyber Security Tips for 2015

globe2Various forms of cybercrime are still going to be a problem on the New Year. Good thing some organizations have taken liberty on providing security tips to maintain safety when using the internet.

It always pays to be more aware of the need to be secure on the internet. Being vigilant on different types of scams, regular changing of passwords, and being careful on what are accessed and downloaded on the internet will definitely help one become less vulnerable against cyber security breach.

Malware, viruses, phishing scams, and other security threats will be a thing of the past if only proper security measures are observed by each internet user.

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