Tag: Malware

A New Linux Malware Uncovered

Marc Etienne Leveille , an ESET researcher, ‘ has stated in his blog post on Wednesday that the newly discovered the malware “Mumblehard, something that has remained undetected for over five years. In April, it was found out...

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Cyber Security Tips for 2015

Various forms of cybercrime are still going to be a problem on the New Year. Good thing some organizations have taken liberty on providing security tips to maintain safety when using the internet. It always pays to be more aware...

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Extortion Evolves in Ransomware

An evolution of ransomware, Cryptolocker Trojan, was not a significant leap from other criminal attempts that extorted money from PC users, but seniors security advisor for Sophos told in an interview that there is a little of...

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Malware Enabled Target Breach

Brian Krebs, a tech journalist, has reported that attackers used emails containing malware to steal credentials of the Fazio Mechanical Services. Such emails were sent to the employees of the firm for about two months before the...

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