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globe2National Cyber Security Alliance executive director Michael Kaiser provided tips for a scam-free holiday online shopping. According to him, scammers lure their victims by offering incredibly low-priced products. When you encounter this, immediately turn it down. He also encouraged online shoppers to use secured connections and websites.

When making online payments, it is better to use third party payment like Amazon Payments, Apple Pay or PayPal to minimize the chance of inputting your credit card information. It is also good to check on reviews for vendors, especially when you are buying from an unfamiliar store. Lastly, monitor your accounts regularly.

Source: Seattle Times

Screen-exclamationNational Cyber Security Alliance hosted the Two Steps Ahead seminar held at the Washington Pavilion. The event aims to educate and protect businesses about the cyber attacks that target businesses all over the country. Keynote speaker Sen. John Thune of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee spoke to business owners about each’ role in fighting cyber crime.

He emphasized the importance of two-step authentication in securing one’s account information. Cyber experts also suggests to change passwords frequently and to use complicated words and complex characters. They also discourage the crowd from opening links from non-trusted sources that may include suspicious links.

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Computer-MouseAccording to the report of National Cyber Security Alliance, 84% of Americans feel that they need personal information protection. The people of Florida were provided with some tips on how to keep their personal information secured at all times. Among these tips include valuing and protecting personal information at all times and avoidance of sharing them.  People should also demand privacy and safety from their providers – whether it comes to internet or devices. It is also advised that people should have proper education on what to do in the case of security breach and report them immediately to the concerned authority.

Source: News 4 Jax

Tips To Stay Cyber Safe

Screen-exclamationThe National Cyber Security Alliance issued some tips to help people stay safe in using the internet. This issuance is prompted after revealing that 84% of the Americans need to safeguard their personal information. People must stop sharing confidential information such as bank accounts and passwords. It is also important to change passwords as frequent as possible and to update security software to avoid breach. They must think before sharing information and consider how doing such will affect their safety. They should also demand to be protected from their providers. And lastly, education is the best way to protect themselves from any cyber-attack in the future.

Source: News 4 Jax