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Computer-MouseTech toys are among kids’ wish lists this holiday season. But parents should be warned that even tech toys are subject to online hacking. In a recent report, millions of children have been victimized by online attack on a tech toy manufacturer, Vtech Holdings Ltd. In relation to this, experts advised users to be careful on depositing personal information online and when you do, make sure you use a secured connection. It is also advised to verify the legitimacy of the company or toy manufacturer. Users are also strongly encouraged to be cautious when disclosing any information when purchasing online.

Source: CBC

globe2Although October ended as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, November is a great time to introduce security measures for the holidays. The awareness campaign for this pre-holiday season is marked by security experts and advisors to keep the public safe from online hacking and information phishing.

Experts still encourage everyone to join the campaign and be safe. They also encourage companies to launch pre-holiday messages to their employees inspiring them to stay safe online – whether it is at work or even at home. It is also important to keep employees aware of current scams, stay away from them, and prevent further damages.

Source: CS Online

globe2With the massive online hacking today, biometrics security gains strength in the market. Biometricsecurity, which majority include fingerprinting, iris scanning and facial or voice recognition was availed by most mobile techs such as Apple for their Touch ID iPhones and Samsung.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have been advising users to refrain from using simple passwords, as they are the key to online hacking problems – something that even huge firms are not excused from.

Biometric security takes charge, however, some experts fear that compromised devices such as credit cards with fingerprints on it can also lead to identity compromising – something that biometric providers need to improve.

Source: Daily Mail


Online hacking, identity theft and personal information breach are just among the long list of cyber attacks that police has been monitoring for quiet a long time. As the matter of fact, it has stirred the attention of the FBI. In the middle of this digital war, Meridian Tech instructors offer the fundamentals of maintenance and repair of computer hardware, software installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Aside from these, it also offers trainings on security principles. They also focus on the assessing how vulnerable a company is to cyber attack. In relation to this, they train their students risk management, secure systems administration and security architectures.

Source: STW News Press

security1Online hackers do not classify their victims to only large businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses are equally susceptible to hacking confidential information and personal data. Victims of online hacking are GoDaddy account, Amazon EC2 and lifestyle blogger Jordan Reid, to name a few.

Technical consultants advised public and small-sized business owners to refrain from using Cloud based accounts and disclosing valuable information online or through phone calls. They also recommend users to frequently change their passwords with complicated combinations to safeguard their accounts. For businesses that maintain a domain, ensure that your domain is protected and you take full control on it.

Source: CIO