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globe2National Cyber Security Alliance executive director Michael Kaiser provided tips for a scam-free holiday online shopping. According to him, scammers lure their victims by offering incredibly low-priced products. When you encounter this, immediately turn it down. He also encouraged online shoppers to use secured connections and websites.

When making online payments, it is better to use third party payment like Amazon Payments, Apple Pay or PayPal to minimize the chance of inputting your credit card information. It is also good to check on reviews for vendors, especially when you are buying from an unfamiliar store. Lastly, monitor your accounts regularly.

Source: Seattle Times

Screen-exclamationWith the crowded streets and malls, people opted to shop online this holiday season. However, it also makes them vulnerable to cybercrimes. OCIO shares some safety tips on how to stay secured when shopping online this holiday season. Among these tips, include safeguarding information such as credit card details and other personal info. It is discouraged to use free and public Wi-Fi, as they are not secured network, especially when it comes to online purchasing. Experts advise customers to shop at trusted and few online stores during holidays to track purchasing activities. It is also advised to monitor your account for any suspicious activity.

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Screen-exclamationPeople all know that vulnerability has been out there for many years and that they have discovered threats out there. For one, online shoppers are at the mercy of websites where they are buying their goods, but these are also places, where security can be at risk. What can you do to avoid the issue? First, look at the padlock symbol in the site’s URL, which can indicate if the website is using an HTTP that can encrypt communications. You should also be selective when it comes to giving your payment information on websites to use for later purchases. Do not store your credit card information on them to avoid thefts from getting your personal and financial details. See the full story from the source.

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Computer-Warning2It is never a guarantee that you get a hundred per cent safe on the internet. Even with the complexities of the security measures placed on online payment channels, there are still vulnerabilities and risks involved in the process. With any transaction made online, especially with shopping on seemingly secure websites, you give silent permission for others to invade your privacy and security.

It is best to manage financial accounts with caution. Internet connections used should be secure; passwords should be treated with extra care, social media platform posts should be minimal, and a secure network should be used at all times.

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MailIdentity theft is often the most disastrous thing that could happen when shopping online. With the large number of people preferring this method of buying items, experts have identified the risks as well as the solutions to common online fraud.

Chances of becoming a victim is reduced when shoppers avoid to shop via links sent to emails no matter how legitimate they look like. It is safer to access the site itself by typing the address on the browser. The set of tips also advices not to shop using free Wi-Fi establishments that may be harvesting information and to use credit cards instead of debit cards that are linked to other banking accounts.

Taking these controllable measures will ensure a safer online shopping experience.

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ReadingMany people enjoy the convenience of online shopping – especially during the holiday season. However, online shoppers should be vigilant, as possibility of online breach is not taken out of the picture. Experts from Digitaria shared tips on how to get protected while shopping online.

Use legit online payment systems to protect your money and vital financial information. Try using a password manager to manage passwords and minimize the possibility of password hacking. Use secured mobile apps that partner with legit cash companies.Update to a more secured browser to protect your device and system. Lastly, secure financial information like credit card numbers safely – not on a website.

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security1Online shopping brought convenience and hassle-free business both for customers and business owners. Its wide operation also opened an avenue for fraud and cyber criminalities that less fortunate customers has experienced. Amica, one of the trusted insurance companies shared security tips from the National Crime Prevention Council to preservea safe online shopping this season. Keeping security software is the initial step. This will block security threats and hackers from entering your system. It is also advised to deal with secured and trusted companies only. Do not reply to untrusted emails. Keep your transactions recorded and stay vigilant at all times.

Source: insurancenews.net

Businesses on Online Security

NScreen-exclamationanticoke – Online shopping means convenience and comfort for consumers all across the globe. However, online marketers need to their part in helping their clients’ information secure and safe. According to the National Consumers League, there were 550 million identity theft cases throughout 614 breaches done on database last year.  One of the more notable retail giant that fall victim to data breach was Target where more than 110 million identities were compromised last December. Many experts believe that there are still fallouts and setbacks from computer security issues that these merchants need to resolve quickly. For more information on this, go to the source.

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Hackers on eBay After You

Computer-MouseToday, experts believe that hackers continuously targets consumers online, particularly those who are fond of doing their shopping spree on eBay. Just recently, eBay’s security was breached by cyber criminals. According to reports, more than 233 million people had their contact information, personal details and other confidential details stolen. Based from the same report, amongst the 233 million, 15 million of them are eBay customers residing in Britain. Many experts consider this security lapse as one of the biggest in history, which do post a real threat to online customers. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: Telegraph