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MailOnline banking is one of the most convenient way to transfer, withdraw or pay online today. however, it also opens an opportunity for criminals to hack accounts and personal information. The Minnesota Department of Commerce urges online bankers to follow these advices for a safer online banking. First, make sure that your bank uses a multifactor authentication, a method that requires users to type their passcodes twice or more to accessing an account. Use strong passwords, keep it safe, and make sure that your device is protected by an updated antivirus. Do not open unsolicited emails or answer calls that ask for your banking information. Regularly monitor your bank account and log out after every session.

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Computer-MouseJune is considered as a month for many events, festivities and celebrations but it is also a month for national internet safety.  And this June, The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), together with ConnectSafely, has initialized efforts in providing measures that can strengthen users’ online security this summer and all throughout the year. On June 8 at the Cannon House Office Building, NCSA and ConnectSafely will offer a presentation that will act as a “briefing session”. On such presentation, they will provide recommendations and advices on both online and offline safety. Check out TechZone360.com for more information about the said presentation.

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MailIn the online gaming world, the term “spam” takes an entirely different meaning from the “spam” usually associated with posts and e-mails. Basically, it occurs when a gamer, playing a certain character, uses that character’s attacks over and over again in an attempt to achieve victory over the opponent. In Mortal Kombat X, this is exactly the case. Jacqui Briggs, a new character, has an attack called the “Hand Cannon”. Using this attack which is both powerful and easy to maneuver, players can win easily during matches. This, of course, resulted to a number of boring matches which prompted some players to complain. Check out Game Rant to know more about this story.

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computer2Google has been releasing a few tips to enhance online safety of their users and with its new set of tips; a user will be able to keep his accounts safe and help someone else by sharing the knowledge.

The new section offers simple safety information, which introduces new users to basic security features such as the importance of using PINs on different devices and all about the Android Device Manager. This is useful to develop security habits among Google users and the page can be sent to other people via a share button so that they can also be aware about it and with the other Google security tips that was previously released.

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Tips to Avoid Online Scammers

Screen-exclamationThis holiday is a season for big deal sales. With all online shops offering big cut prices, how can you tell a genuine one from a scam? Security experts have tips for voucher and sale hunters:

When transacting online, avoid disclosing significant information such as names and addresses, passwords and history. Every consumer must be mindful of the names of sellers published online. Transact with legitimate sellers only and be vigilant on third party resellers. Look for sender’s emails, address, logo and how they compose messages. Look for the URL in the website bar and do not click untrusted links.

Source: net-security.org

globe2It may sound funny for most people, but it’s true to approximately 1.2 billion passwords and username combinations that used “pass1234” as their passwords and that have been hacked by Russian online criminals. Concerns on stolen information and personal credentials are getting serious nowadays. Experts warned online users not to use public-shared Wi-Fi, unsecured links and easy-to-guess passwords. Users are also encouraged to keep their anti-virus updated and change their passwords as frequent as possible.

These online criminals are targeting anyone else, including the most secured Fortune 500 companies around the world. What can ordinary user do? Follow experts’ advice: security awareness.

Source: Gazette Times

How to Spot a Phishing Email

MailHow can you spot a phishing email? Is there a way to do that? As you may already know, phishing emails may steal your credit and personal information. One way to stay out of those phishing emails is to make sure that your spam filter is set up at a very high level. Do not click on the emails you were not expecting to receive. Delete all suspected phishing emails. Read the entire version of the story from the source.

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globe2Based from a study by Incapsula, more than 60 percent of website traffic that has been running online is by bots, increasing more than 21 percent from 2012. This change is mainly because of certified agents or good bots such as web performance and search engine tools. The friendly bots have increased their traffic proportion from 20 to 31 percent. The authorities say that the increased in existing bots activities and the latest search engine optimizations are also agents for the trend. Check the full version of this story.

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security1Each and every individual should be tight on implementing a strong security measure online for their own sake. Big and small corporations are eager to extract your browsing habits, purchasing preferences, and that each and every day the National Security Agency is learning new ways on how to spy on the entirety of the web. It’s really scary and should call for concern. But if security and privacy is important to you more than convenience, there are some tips that you can consider. These would help you keep snoopers from a far.

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Hacking Courses

A large number of the best computer hackers began to offer a structured hacking course for anyone seeking to have a career in cybercrimes. These courses stretch from the most basic when it comes to hacking and to the most advanced for the same. It’s said that you will learn things about anonymity online tools, to clean up electronic evidences, bootnet, and how you can best deal with any law enforcements.

These courses have the most formal curriculum that’s similar to what academic institutions do offer. Believe it or not, many courses have an enforced, strict attendance policy. To know more about this report, check out the source.

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